Windows Insider Preview Build 17733 adds Explorer Dark Mode and Other General Fixes

Windows Insider build 17733 released today to bring a dark theme to the Windows explorer along with many small fixes

Another build of Windows 10 is available to download for users in the Insider program in the fast ring.

Unfortunately, it seems like this build of Windows is relatively uneventful, bringing to the public only one substantial change with the many small changes and fixes that regularly come with these kinds of updates. But the change is unlike what we’ve seen before because Microsoft has finally released a dark mode theme for the Windows Explorer. It’s basically a port of what we’ve been able to do with the general Windows settings for a while now, but it’s progress on making Windows 10 feel more like a complete OS than a hybrid between a desktop and mobile platform.

In addition to that change comes many other general changes to Windows including the removal of XAML shadows for the meantime so Microsoft can fix them, a bug fix for when the touch keyboard might now show up on screen, a fix for when the notification bar would flash when a progress bar would go up, a fix for when you reset your device and chose to keep your files and the sound settings menu would become unresponsive, and a fix for an issue where the high contrast menu flashed when values were changed.

And finally, below is a list of changes that were made to the narrator function in Windows 10:

  • We fixed the issue where Narrator couldn’t access all the emoji in the Touch Keyboard’s emoji panel.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator didn’t say “selected” after image was selected using the keyboard.
  • We fixed the issue where Touch Narrator’s focus remained on the word even after deselecting it.
  • We fixed the issue where the Narrator key got sticky when using the Mouse Mode command.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator’s Command Restore Default dialog was not read by Narrator.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator’s copy and paste feature would say “selection removed” but the selection remained.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator automatic dialog read the Command key Assignment dialog twice.
  • We have improved the Narrator experience when moving by character and announcing phonetic pronunciations.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator focus and keyboard focus got out of sync after navigating TreeView controls.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator misread the Calculator app’s display on focus for values over 100.
  • We fixed the issue where when launching Narrator QuickStart using the link in Narrator Settings, the Narrator icon would appear in the taskbar.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator couldn’t read the label of the Word document recovery dialog.
  • We fixed the issue so Narrator can now navigate the New Notepad Status Bar contents.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator Scan mode navigation didn’t progress after tabbing onto a link.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator navigated out of the Microsoft Edge browser window using Scan mode on some web pages.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator crashed when Developer Mode was in use and the generated string to display was null.
  • We fixed the issue where Narrator continuous reading got stuck on a table element in some HTML emails.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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