Microsoft’s Built-In Antivirus is Still Broken For Some, Thanks To Windows Defender Scan Bug Fix

Microsoft has finally released a new Windows 10 Update to fix the infamous Windows Defender bugitems skipped during scan“.

As you may recall, the glitch forced Windows Defender to exclude certain items from scanning. Specifically, the bug affected those files that were stored on a network device. Due to the increasing number of reports, Microsoft quickly looked into this matter and released an emergency update for Microsoft’s antimalware platform.

So, if you have been experiencing the same problem lately, Microsoft recommends you to install KB4052623. The update addresses the issue on systems running Windows 10 (Pro, Home and Enterprise Editions), Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019.

Windows Defender Update Is Plagued With New Issues

Some Users Could No Longer Use Their PCs

Ironically, the bug fix update is now attracting some complaints from Windows 10 users. A couple of users expressed their frustrations on Reddit. Some people have claimed that the latest Windows Defender update broke their PCs. Someone reported that they could no longer use their machine:

“Hi I just updated my windows 10 and I got a notification that the windows defender is off and when I go to Windows Security and Virus & threat protection to turn it on it says “Unexpected error. Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again.” Does anyone else have the same problem? How can I fix this? We are in quarantine due to corona virus and I have to fix this myself.”

The Notification Is Still There For Some Users

According to the user feedback (via borncity) the notification disappeared after the installation of KB4052623. But a small percentage of users can still see the “items skipped during scan” notification.

Windows Defender Offline Scan Is Broken

As you already know, the Windows Security window allows you to perform an offline scan using Windows Defender. When a user chooses to perform the offline scan, the Windows Defender boots your PC into Windows PE to thoroughly scan your files & folders.

Apparently, KB4052623 broke the offline scan functionality for some production machines. Here’s how a user reported the problem:

“Today I noticed that the “Windows Defender Offline” check no longer works. There is something wrong with the update KB4052623.”

No Confirmation From Microsoft

While Microsoft is only aware of two issues that could be caused by KB4052623. Since there is a possibility that the installation may not go as planned, so it is better to create a restore point to which you can always go back.

The new issues in the latest release have raised questions about the point of installing it. However, it should be kept in mind that the glitch affected a subset of users. So, the specific hardware may have compatibility issues with this version.

Recently, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 family has reached a milestone of 1 billion users. As more are more people are upgrading their PCs, the erratic updates are troubling them more often.

Alex Schoff
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