Windows 95 app update with much-awaited enhancements rolled-out for Windows 10

The developer just released an update for the Windows 95 app that was released back in August 2018. The update addresses some much-needed improvements to the first version of the Windows 10 app including support for monitors with high-DPI.

Are you bored to use the modern and sleek design that comes along with the latest version of Windows? It has been more than 20 years since the first version of Windows 95 was released for the users. Some of you might not have been born at that time while others still remember the charm of using Windows 95 instead of DOS during the 90s era.

All About The Windows 95 app

Windows 95 app with pre-installed Netscape 2.0 I source: ZDNet

A developer Felix Rieseberg used Electron, a cross-platform application framework to develop the Windows 95 app.  While some new features have also been introduced in the latest version. It allows the users to listen to Windows 95 sound effects. A bunch of new games, Netscape 2.0, FrontPage and some other programs come preinstalled in the new release.  The app is available for those users who currently have a Linux, MacOS, or Windows-powered PC and it is about is 280MB in size.

Rieseberg has worked so hard to bring back your old memories. You might not believe that a $1,000 dedicated PC was once needed to run the OS. Surprisingly, it has already available in the form of a Windows 95 app. The app has developed for those who are interested in taking a trip back to the 90s era.

Just like me, most of the users still can’t get over the 90s era and Windows 95. That version of Windows was a big hit at that time and millions of people used it for years until the rollout of the next version. Most of the useful features including the Taskbar, Start button, and plug-and-play hardware support was introduced in the classic operating system.

In a nutshell, the third party Windows 95 app now brings the following changes to its users: Windows 95 sound effects, new games, pre-installed programs, Better High-DPI support and Javascript. Well! Now you must be excited to try the Windows 95 app on your Windows 10 machines. So, what are you waiting for? Download it Now from Github.

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Windows 95 app update with much-awaited enhancements rolled-out for Windows 10

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