Windows 7 & 10 Face Faulty “Not Enough Virtual Memory” Error Message

As several users face a “not enough virtual memory” error in Windows, one particular such user has reached out to Born’s IT and Windows Blog writer, Gunter Born, to raise the issue publicly so that you (whoever you are out there also facing the same issue) know that you’re not alone.

It seems that this error message surfaced after the July 2018 set of updates for Microsoft’s Windows 10. According to the problem brought forward to Born, the windows client displays a message stating that there is “not enough virtual memory.” It then proceeds to ask that users “please close the following programs to free memory again.” As this happens, the system freezes and jams due to the immense pressure on the RAM and the lack of memory response by the system.

Apparently, the remedy that most users have taken up is restarting the system. This prevents an error message from popping up for a few hours at least, but some users have observed it to pop up straight away after a restart as well. In the message displayed by the system, although it requests to close the most memory intensive programs, those programs do not in fact use as much memory as it claims they do to cause such a hang up. In some cases, only 650 MB of memory in an 8GB RAM system was found used according to the complaining user. This indicates that although those programs are shown forward to be the cause of the memory overload, it is in fact something else in the background that is egging the programs on to show up as having used so much memory.

A Look at CPU performance when error is given. Born’s IT and Windows Blog

It is found that this error derails the performance of both MS Windows 7 and Windows 10 systems. No particularly fishy software or hardware connection is identified as the cause behind this. It is suspected that this error comes out of a faulty update of the system or some malware that has been circulating. As there is no official mitigation guide on the subject yet, users are only able to do one of two things: expand their system RAM memories or reboot their computers, with both solutions providing only temporary relief from the problem at hand.

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Windows 7 & 10 Face Faulty “Not Enough Virtual Memory” Error Message

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