Windows 11 Renovates The Snipping Tool, Now Packed With Screen Recording Capabilities

Microsoft during their Surface Event shared a lot of information with us. One of the most overlooked features is the new functionality offered by the Snipping Tool. Previously, this utility could only take a screenshot of your screen. Microsoft is now bringing increased flexibility by allowing users to capture their screen with the Snipping Tool.

A Two in One Solution

As highlighted by xda-developers, this was more of a tease than a reveal. Users currently have no ‘official’ way to record their screen. Sure, there are a few workarounds such as the Xbox Game Bar. However, for most that is not as intriguing as 3rd party applications such as OBS.

This new addition is a neat step by Microsoft for promoting their ecosystem. If users can find the necessary utilities within the OS store, it will only increase attraction. In addition, Microsoft is also aiming to incorporate Android based applications in the Windows experience. 

This new update may arrive in the upcoming Windows 11 version 22H2 releasing sometime in October. As is the tradition, insiders will get to be the early adopters. 

Future Overview

Microsoft has been improving the Windows experience for a while now. With user friendly updates enabling ease of use and access, Windows 11 is one less step away from being a true successor to Windows 10. As of now, only 1-2% of people actually use this new OS. The requirements posed by Microsoft are what turn down most of the consumers.

Even with all these features, Windows at times feels lackluster. For this purpose, Microsoft PowerToys has been designed by Microsoft for enthusiasts and power users.

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity.


This add-on software allows you, the user, to make use of never-before seen features. Examples include, direct Text Extraction, Keyboard Manager, Image Resizer and PowerRename just to name a few. Read more about this here.

Abdullah Faisal
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