Windows 11 Insider Build 22463 Fixes Taskbar Alignment Issues and Rounds Off More Corners

Another week, another update.

Fresh off the heels of last week’s updates, Microsoft has just pushed this week’s Windows 11 Insider build to the Dev Channel. Build 22463 arrives just days before Windows 11’s general availability and brings forth moderate improvements with no new features to Windows 11. As usual, there are several bug fixes pertaining to different elements of the OS as well.

Microsoft has made it clear that it will be a while before any major changes come to Insider Preview builds. Plus, these builds are being pushed by the active development branch at Microsoft. That means that any changes or new features seen in these Dev channel builds are meant only for these builds. They may or may not be bundled with Windows 11’s upcoming major feature update(s); there’s no saying yet.

Changes and improvements

Starting off with the most notable improvement, the taskbar misalignment issues that arose after Build 22454‘s release have now been fixed in this update. A lot of users were experiencing weird scaling bugs where the taskbar would either be not perfectly centered or some icons would get cut off. Fortunately, this has been remedied in Build 22463 and you should have a visually proper taskbar now.

Misaligned taskbar in Build 22454 | u/DecisionPrior

Next up, there are a bunch of minor changes that constitute an incremental improvement over past week’s build. Now, when selected in File Explorer, you can copy the path of a file or folder to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C and it’ll sync across all your devices. Moreover, the corners of the dialogue boxes that would pop-up in Display Settings after clicking on “identify displays” have been rounded to match Windows 11’s design language.

Additionally, Microsoft has made slight adjustments to high-contrast themes based on user feedback. This was done to make the theme more intelligible and improve the overall readability. In specific, the Desert theme now has even more contrasting hyperlinks when you hover them to make them easily distinguishable from the rest of the OS. Furthermore, there is now a small icon next to the volume slider in Quick Settings for managing and switching between different audio outputs.

Lastly, the Ease Of Access folder located inside the All apps list in Start has been renamed to “Accessibility“. Alongside that, Microsoft has added a new option for Focus Assist settings. This option is a toggle that allows you to chose whether you would like for Focus Assist to be automatically turned on (or off) after a Windows feature update has just installed.

That’s all for the changes in this build. Microsoft also mentioned PowerToys‘ big commercial debut in their blog post but they are a bit late to the party. The app has been available on the Microsoft Store for a few days now and we’ve already covered it here. As always, if you want to check out the full list of bug fixes and known issues, you can head over to the Microsoft Blog to learn more.

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Windows 11 Insider Build 22463 Fixes Taskbar Alignment Issues and Rounds Off More Corners

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