Windows 11 has a ‘Straightforward and Informative’ update process: 40% percent smaller and efficient updates won’t leave users guessing

Windows 11 will improve upon one of the biggest issues with Windows 10. Microsoft has promised it is significantly improving the update process.

The latest OS from Microsoft will be “upfront” about the update process. Whenever updates will be available, Windows Update will offer multiple, useful, and practical snippets of information.

No more wondering how long an update for Windows 11 will take to install:

Some of the biggest and most persistent complaints about Windows 10 were about updates. Almost every major Cumulative Feature Update arrived with some bugs.

To help assuage some of the concerns about Windows Update, Microsoft has worked on the platform’s notification, delivery, download, and install processes.

When Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11, the company claimed that updates for the OS would be 40 percent smaller and more efficient. The company even mentioned that it will release a single, major Cumulative Feature Update per year, instead of the prevalent system of two updates per year.

The Preview Build of Windows 11, available to Windows Insider Participants, has some more nifty additions to make the update process bearable. It seems Microsoft is making it easier for users to trust the update process.

Windows 11 will show users an estimate of how long the restart process would take. This information will appear on the Windows Update screen, through an icon on the Taskbar, and on the Power button.

How will the Windows Update platform work in Windows 11?

Although the Windows 11 Preview Build is not out for the general public, Microsoft has sent out a few minor updates. Incidentally, the company has indicated it will send quality updates, about once a month.

Whenever Windows 11 will receive a minor update, it will offer an estimate for the time the OS can install the same. Moreover, users will also receive an intimation about the approximate time it will take to install the update. Simply put, Windows 11 OS users will not have to wonder about installing updates right away or waiting till the End of Day (EOD).

Reports indicate Microsoft is mentioning a little more time than is actually necessary to install the updates that arrive for Windows 11. It seems the company is playing it safe and not promising quicker installs.

It is amply clear that Microsoft has been actively listening to Windows 10 OS users. The company is obviously incorporating features and improvements in Windows 11 that could potentially help users stop worrying about the update process.

Alap Naik Desai
A B.Tech Plastics (UDCT) and a Windows enthusiast. Optimizing the OS, exploring software, searching and deploying solutions to strange and weird issues is Alap's main interest.