Windows 10X To Run On Single-Screen Devices Also Confirms Microsoft As OS Usage Surges On Laptops And Portable Devices

Windows 10X will also work on single-screen laptops, Ultrabooks, and notebook computers indicated Microsoft. The slim iteration of the Windows 10 Operating System (OS) was being designed and optimized for multi-screen and foldable computing devices.

Microsoft has realigned the intended end-use of Windows 10X, the modified and simplified variant of the full-fledged Windows 10, intended to be fluid and functional on foldable displays or multi-screen computing devices. The company indicated it is planning to refocus Windows 10X on single-screen devices as well.

When Will Laptops Running Windows 10X Arrive?

Microsoft is reprioritizing Windows 10X for laptops and single-screen devices. The change in the intended end-use of Windows 10X is due to the rapidly changing usage patterns of laptops, Ultrabooks, and Notebooks users amidst the ongoing health crisis, indicated the company. Simply put, Microsoft has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the usage of computers, desktops, laptops, and other portable devices running the Windows Operating System.

In terms of numbers, Microsoft has seen a 75 percent year-over-year increase in the time spent in Windows 10. This clearly indicates web and content consumers across the world are now increasingly using their laptops or PCs instead of smartphones or tablets. The usage patterns are changing across needs, be it working, gaming, or content consumption.

Windows 10X was originally meant for dual-screen hardware like the Surface Neo. The OS is not as comprehensive as Windows 10. However, it is a powerful operating system that includes a more stripped-back, simplified, and modern Windows interface. Essentially, Microsoft has been attempting to modernize Windows 10 for evolving screen types, and Windows 10X comes with significantly altered and optimized UI and UX changes that improve basics like multitasking, using the Start menu, and quick access to settings.

Essentially, there’s no clear timeline about the arrival of laptops with Windows 10X. In fact, Microsoft has only discussed Windows 10X running on dual-screen and foldable computers. There’s no announcement of any kind about the commercially ready version of Windows 10X. However, persistent rumors and reports strongly indicate Microsoft is actively developing the OS as a versatile, lightweight yet powerful alternative to the full-fledged Windows 10.

How Will Laptops With Windows 10X Work Against Those With Windows 10 OS?

There is a range of laptops running Windows 10 OS. In fact, laptops ranging from being affordable to expensive gaming or professional editing laptops have started arriving with the latest Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs as well as Ryzen 4000 Mobility CPUs that run Windows 10 very well. Incidentally, there are versions of Windows 10 that are running on IoT as well as ARM devices (Windows on ARM).

It is not clear exactly what Windows 10X will bring to regular laptops apart from its sleeker UX improvements, modernization, and container app technology. There are reports about enhanced security through curated app stores and stricter boundaries for applications.

Incidentally, Microsoft recently launched Windows Virtual Desktop on its Azure Cloud Services platform. The company is attempting to offer a complete PC experience that is driven by the OS, apps, and productivity software that runs from remote servers. It is possible Microsoft might attempt to position Windows 10X as a Cloud PC OS.

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