New Builds Of Windows 10’s 20H1 Update Fixes File Explorer Search Bar Issues Including Speed And Reliability?

An upcoming update for Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to contain multiple fixes that address many issues with the Windows Search platform. Moreover, the upcoming Windows 10’s 20H1 Update is expected to contain the new and improved File Explorer. The important feature update for Windows 10 will reportedly improve the performance and stability of Windows Search.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS users have long been experiencing weird behavior and multiple erratic issues with the integrated Windows Search platform. Microsoft had promised a smoother, efficient, and powerful Windows Search, especially after completely delinking the same with Cortana. However, in the process of incorporating multiple search results and collating them in a single listing, Microsoft seemed to erode the basic reliable functionality and caused the occurrence of multiple issues. Although several updates in the recent months were supposed to address the Windows Search issues, users were still posting problems. The upcoming feature update could address several pertinent and persistent Windows Search issues

Windows 10 File Explorer And Search Issues After Windows 10 November 2019 Update:

Windows Explorer

The Windows 10 November 2019 Update contained the first major update or change to the Windows Search platform. It promised to contain several improvements and feature additions to the File Explorer platform as well. But as feared by many users, the improvements came with several weird behavioral patterns and issues with File Explorer and Windows Search.

Incidentally, in the last major update for Windows 10, File Explorer’s search experience was updated with a dedicated files preview UI. This update had the revamped search bar in File Explorer which rendered web-powered suggestions of files stored in OneDrive. The search results for local files also had their own previews and users could open files from these suggestions without visiting the main search page. However, this major update seemed to break the search bar, disabled right-click and removed the option to delete recent searches. Additionally, a number of users claimed that the new and improved Windows Search in Windows 10 makes the Explorer window become unresponsive for a few moments.

Taking note of the multiple issues, Microsoft compiled and deployed Cumulative Update Windows 10 KB4532695. The primary intention behind KB4532695 was to address the broken File Explorer’s search bar. The update also quickly restored the right-click function. However, despite Microsoft’s efforts, the Windows Search platform continued to remain troublesome.

Windows 10 Version 2004 Promises Several Hotfixes To Address Windows Search Issues And Improve Performance:

It appears the upcoming Windows 10 April 2020 Update, expected in the third or fourth week of April, could address multiple issues with the Windows Search. Additionally, the Windows 10’s 20H1 update is expected to finally iron out the remaining glitches. This is because Windows 10 version 2004 reportedly brings a number of hotfixes for the numerous bugs along with a few performance improvements for File Explorer’s search bar.

Included in a newer build of Windows 10 20H1, is the ability to delete previous search results in the Search bar. Users merely need to click on the cross icon located next to the searched text to delete the entry, and the search result will vanish.

While details are still coming in, the April 2020 Update reportedly also enhances Windows 10’s performance and reliability. In addition to addressing File Explorer issues, the feature update reportedly comes with several new features including a new Cortana app, new Windows Search algorithm, and Task Manager improvements. Interestingly, Microsoft has also become lenient with the ‘Reserved Storage’ policy which blocked some drive space to ensure updates could be downloaded and installed on Windows 10 computers.

Windows 10 users can expect the new and improved File Explorer within the latest feature update, which should arrive in the next few weeks. Users should be able to search, download and install the Windows 10 20H1 update by checking for updates in the Settings app.

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