Windows 10 Your Phone App Can Run Multiple Android Apps Pushing Native Functionality

Microsoft Windows 10 is getting ever more interconnected with the Android App ecosystem. The Microsoft Your Phone App is now allowing multiple Android apps to run simultaneously within the Windows 10 OS ecosystem. Incidentally, apps are not being merely mirrored or streamed but appear to have gained native-live experience.

For quite some time, Microsoft Your Phone app allowed Windows 10 OS users to run Android apps on their computers. However, the feature was restricted to a single app at a time. This ability is now reportedly extended and will allow multiple Android apps to run at a time on Windows 10 OS.

How Does The Microsoft Your Phone App Offer Multi-App Streaming Capabilities?

Earlier this year, Microsoft sent out an update to the Your Phone app which included support for a much-anticipated feature – Android apps streaming. Incidentally, the ‘streaming’ isn’t just about mirroring a user’s mobile’s screen to desktop. This feature extends far beyond displaying an Android app on a desktop screen running Windows 10 OS.

The new feature allows users to run Android apps with access to Windows APIs. This essentially means Android Apps now have the ability to call for multiple functionalities that Windows 10 OS has, and hence, offer Android apps a much more capable native-like experience. Earlier this year, Microsoft had promised it will also allow users to run multiple mobile apps at the same time or side-by-side, and the new feature offers the functionality.

The new feature within the Microsoft Your Phone App will allow users to open multiple instances of Android apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Messages, Calls, etc., and access these apps at the same time. The announcement was made by Analy Otero Diaz, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, who confirmed that the feature is gradually rolling out to select Samsung devices.

Select Samsung Android smartphone users will now be able to pin all their favorite mobile apps to the Taskbar of Windows 10 desktop for quick access. This will allow Android apps to feel a lot more native. The feature is currently exclusive to a select list of Samsung Phones, and the full list is available here. It is quite possible the Your Phone app for other Android smartphones and Windows 10 will gradually include this feature in the near future. However, smartphone manufacturers will have to collaborate with Microsoft and deploy custom drivers in their firmware.

How To Enable Android Multi-App Access On Microsoft Your Phone App?

Only Windows Insiders with supported Samsung devices are reportedly receiving the feature update in the Release Preview, Beta, and Dev Channels. Microsoft had previously indicated that the feature works across a large range of existing Samsung phones.

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If the users have a supported Samsung Android smartphone then it is recommended to have the latest version of the Your Phone app, and Link to Windows. The Android device and the linked PC running Windows 10 must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Once the app is updated and launched, users will be able to pin all apps to the Start Menu or taskbar and click on the links to launch the apps in their own window without having to open the Your Phone app again.

It is amply clear that Microsoft wants to enable a seamless multitasking experience between phone and PC apps. The Windows 10 OS maker is also reportedly testing another update that will improve the experience of Your Phone app with support for Startup programs and the ability to clean the smartphone’s storage from a connected Windows 10 PC.

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Windows 10 Your Phone App Can Run Multiple Android Apps Pushing Native Functionality

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