Windows 10 V1803: Update KB4458166 fixes issue of TLS 1.2 Dependencies

Windows 10 V1803 had been termed by Microsoft as being ‘business-ready’, however its rollout was stopped on a few machines due to its issue in using TLS 1.2 transport encryption in applications.

Microsoft Support had mentioned this problem in its article which stated, “Customers who run .NET Framework applications that rely on Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, such as Intuit QuickBooks Desktop, may experience connectivity failures after they upgrade their system to a newer version of Windows.” In the same article, Microsoft had previously provided some workarounds to this problem as a temporary solution; however the software giant ultimately had to suspend Version 1803 because of this known active problem. The issue occurred when an application that relied on Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol established a TLS 1.2 client-server connection. When the Windows OS was upgraded on the PC to an updated version, connectivity failures were observed after the upgrade.

It was an issue being commonly faced by users who were upgrading to Windows 10 V1803. This problem supposedly occurred due to SchUseStrongCrypto flag not being preserved throughout the upgrade process of Windows.

Now, Microsoft has brought about Update KB4458166 on 17th of August which fixes the TLS 1.2 problem. This special update released to Windows 10 V1803 is specifically intended to fix the TLS 1.2 bug. For this update, there have not been any other details provided, except that, “Microsoft has now resolved this issue for some devices. An update is available on Microsoft’s Update Catalog as of August 16, 2018 for those customers who have Intuit QuickBooks installed.” For devices that do not have Intuit QuickBooks installed and those that are experiencing this issue, Microsoft said that it is working on a resolution and is expected to provide an update for it in an upcoming release.

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Windows 10 V1803: Update KB4458166 fixes issue of TLS 1.2 Dependencies

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