Windows 10 Users Ask Microsoft For A File Explorer Overhaul In The Next Feature Update

Windows 10 users have seen some minor improvements and changes during the last few months. Windows dark mode was one of the significant improvements that we have seen so far. However, Microsoft still needs to work on its native File Explorer. It seems like users are well aware of this issue and they are looking for a change now. They want Microsoft to come up with a new design by adding new features such as tab support to the existing version.

Microsoft is busy dealing with other Windows 10 design changes at the moment. Apparently, the company has no plans to implement the requested features. However, some talented designers are already working on modern concepts.

More specifically, two File Explorer designs have recently gained a lot of appreciation from the Windows community. The first one is a File Explorer Lite version that is designed by a twitter user @majid_rangraz. The concept introduced a modern interface with some key improvements in the important areas.

The proposed design offers an Option panel with a bunch of options. According to the designer, this panel displays related options based on your activity. It seems like many people want Microsoft to adopt this concept and implement a change in the upcoming Windows 10 builds.

Although this concept received much appreciation from Windows 10 users, there were some who suggested changes. People want changes in the position of the panel and replacing the vertical bar with a horizontal one.

Fluent File Explorer Concept

Moving further, the second one is a concept which was posted by a Reddit user URBTechRoss. It is a modern interface with Fluent Design makeover for Windows 10. Secondly, the design features a dark theme which is one of the popular demands of Windows 10 users today.

Windows 10 File Explorer Concept
Fluent File Explorer Concept

However, we cannot say it is flawless design-wise at this point and that the company should go with it right away. Microsoft can add a personalized touch with some changes to the fonts in the right pane. Some major refinements suggested by a Reddit user are:

Rounded corners does not fit with the fluent design system. Many elements are not sized correctly – e.g. the tree meny, and far right scroll bar are larger than the main pane. Pure black elements is a bad thing – we’ve discussed that a lot here already Ramdomly sized fonts is not good from readability. Alignment of titlebar hamburger menu and items in the explorer tree is off. why is there a vertical scrollbar?

The user further continued with some improvements for the icons.

Why do some of the icons have accent colours on, but others dont? Even the desktop icon is using inconsistent line width with the rest of the icons. Alignment of the font in the tree menu is wildly off from item to item

Considering the fact that Microsoft is testing two feature updates for Windows 10 users. They hope to see a File Explorer overhaul very soon.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Windows 10 Users Ask Microsoft For A File Explorer Overhaul In The Next Feature Update

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