Windows 10 RS5 Update version 17758 Begins Rolling Out Today Comes With Improved Storage Sense

Today, Microsoft began to push Windows 10 RS5 quick preview version 17758 system update, which is Windows 10’s October update version, with this update Microsoft brings new optimization for storage awareness. 

Improved Storage Sense
Source – Windows101Tricks

It automatically frees up disk space now by analysing old files, unused files, and local files in real time, this whole process is executed online.

Bug Fixes

  • The Build watermark which appears in the lower right corner of the desktop is no longer viewed in this new version.
  • It fixed an issue where the mouse button hovered over the back button in the settings and the buttons on other apps turned white text on a white background, therefore the user does not face the same visual problem.
  • It also fixed the Narrator feature which is used for input method to type an unselected word option of texts in language such as Japanese.
  • It fixed an issue where the saved file program crashed in the app.
  • Fixed an issue the Explorer program crashed when clicking the “Import photos and videos” option in Autoplay notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where accounts with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters could not use nearby sharing features.
  • Updated the error that caused the text to be cut when the magnifying glass settings were easily accessed.

Although, when the user is using the Tab or the arrow keys, the Narrator in this version sometimes cannot read the Settings app so the simple solution is that you try to temporarily switch to Narrator scan mode, it will return to normal when scanning mode is turned off again, or you can restart Narrator to solve the problem.

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Windows 10 RS5 Update version 17758 Begins Rolling Out Today Comes With Improved Storage Sense

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