Windows 10 Preview Reveals Microsoft’s Plans to Not Kill the Classic Paint App

Two years ago Microsoft announced its Creators Update for Windows 10 which introduced a new Paint 3D app. Rumors floated on the internet that the Paint app was going to be killed soon. Later, a blog post was published by Microsoft revealing that the MS Paint app will not be killed but moved to the Windows Store to make way for Paint 3D as a default option in Windows.

In the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview, i.e. Windows 10 19H1, Microsoft has removed the product alert which has been present in Paint for around two years now. The product alert stated that the Paint app will be moved to the Windows Store for those who want to use it but it will not be available as a default app with Windows 10.

Product Alert in Paint

As per the latest version of Paint in Windows 10 19H1 build, the product alert warning no longer exists. Neither has the Paint app been moved to the Windows Store. The app is still accessible and removal of the product alert suggests that Microsoft might not kill the classic Paint app after all.

Product Alert Removed in 19H1 Build

Paint has been the go-to app for any basic editing requirements for almost all Windows users for a very long time because of its simplicity and straightforward nature. Microsoft might have changed its mind or might still be deciding on whether to replace the app or not. This move could be a result of the Paint 3D app not being well-received and a large number of users still using the Classic Paint app. If you’re one of them, its good news for you.

Sahas Arya
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