Windows 10 OS Users Cannot Modify, Uninstall Or Reinstall Microsoft Store App Just Like the Modern Edge Browser

Microsoft Store, the central app repository cannot be modified, uninstalled or reinstalled by users. The latest stable version of Windows 10 OS, which is Windows 10 v1909, and even earlier versions of the OS simply cannot strip away the Microsoft Store app. While the Windows App Store is critical for legitimately downloading verified and vetted apps for Windows 10 OS, the recent changes strongly indicate that Microsoft is restricting the freedom and liberty Windows OS users have enjoyed.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS installation comes with Microsoft Store, the app store that allows users to quickly search, download and add new apps to Windows 10. The functionality is quite similar to other popular app stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc. This week Microsoft has confirmed that current Windows 10 version 1909 and earlier versions don’t allow any user-end modification of the Microsoft Store app. Simply put, end users cannot alter, edit, manipulate, uninstall or reinstall the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft App Store Cannot Be Altered But Third-Party Apps Can Still Uninstall Legitimately Downloaded Apps:

Microsoft has confirmed through a document that Windows 10 doesn’t support uninstalling Microsoft Store app. There’s no straightforward way to alter the installation of the app store. Still, if some determined user does attempt to uninstall the Microsoft Store, it could bring about unintended consequences, cautioned Microsoft. Simply put, messing with Microsoft Store could cause system instability and erratic behavior of not only installed apps but the Windows 10 OS installation in general, implied the company.

Microsoft has cautioned that there is no supported workaround available to uninstall or reinstall the Store app. Still, the company has noted if the user has uninstalled the Microsoft Store app intentionally, then there’s only one officially supported method. The company notes that the only way users can undo their activities and get back the Microsoft Store is by resetting or reinstalling Windows.

Windows 10 users should never consider uninstalling the Microsoft Store, even if they have no plans to use the same to download officially supported apps. Windows 10’s Control Panel or Settings’ App & features don’t list Microsoft Store for removal. Hence forcibly uninstalling or messing with the applications could cause trouble.

Incidentally, Microsoft claims “IT Professionals can configure, limit or block access to Microsoft Store for client computers.” What this essentially means that only access can be restricted or revoked, but the installation of the program will continue to exist within the Windows 10 installation.

Although Microsoft Store must not be uninstalled, Microsoft has allowed third-party applications to modify apps that have been downloaded from the store. Users can uninstall Windows 10 Apps by using third-party apps such as CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller, Windows 10 App Remover, etc. Moreover, users are still able to reinstall default apps by running the PowerShell command or by using third-party tools available online.

Microsoft Tightening Control Over Its Official Apps?

Recently, Microsoft made it extremely hard to uninstall the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser. Any traditional option to uninstall the latest stable version of the Microsoft Edge web browser is either completely missing or greyed out. The previous releases of the Edge browser could be removed from a Windows 10 installation after going through multiple steps, but even those aren’t available for the latest stable release.

Previously, when users installed the stable Edge browser version, they were able to uninstall it like any application by visiting Programs and Features in Control Panel or by visiting Settings > Apps & Features. Microsoft offers multiple options for Microsoft Edge. The Settings app usually displayed Modify and Uninstall options for the same. However, that is no longer the case in Windows 10 version 1903 running build 18362.418. Currently, Settings App grays out ‘Modify and Uninstall’ buttons for Microsoft Edge stable. Users cannot find the browser listed in the Classic Control Panel to uninstall.

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