Windows 10 on ARM Will Be Able To Run 32-Bit and 64-Bit Applications With New Drivers

The experimental Windows 10 of ARM (WoA) project is about to get an exponential increase in app compatibility. Microsoft appears to be ready with 64-Bit Emulation in Windows 10 for ARM. This means the platform will be able to emulate not just 32-Bit Applications, but also 64-Bit Applications.

Windows 10 on ARM is about o undergo a massive evolution and be able to support the majority of the apps and games that worked well on Windows 10 on x86 systems. Simply put, Microsoft is about to dramatically expand apps compatibility support on Windows 10 to include 64-bit x86 software (x64 software).

Windows 10 On ARM To Emulate x86 As Well x64 Apps And Support Anti-Cheating Drivers?

Windows 10 on ARM is an important project for Microsoft as it will potentially allow the operating system to function on ARM processors. Microsoft assured the version of Windows 10 for ARM would offer improved battery backup and network connectivity. This is primarily because ARM processors are usually embedded in smartphones, IoT, and other devices where such parameters matter the most.

Although Microsoft has been facing certain challenges in developing Windows 10 on ARM, the company has indicated the platform is about to get a lot better at supporting multiple applications designed to run on Windows 10 OS. The WoA platform currently supports ARM64 drivers only. Users can emulate x86 or 32-Bit Applications with ARM drivers. However, there are several 64-Bit Applications. Commonly referred to as the x64 apps, these are programs that are the 64-bit version of apps coded for Intel or AMD platform.

Needless to mention, there was no way for users to run x64 apps on Windows 10 on ARM. In other words, there was no way to run games and apps that were created for x64 platforms. Moreover, anti-cheating drivers also don’t work on Windows 10 on ARM. This is about to change soon. Reports indicate Microsoft is preparing to add support for 64-bit x86 application emulation to Windows 10 on ARM.

Although Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed the news, the company is expected to release the first technical preview of Windows 10 on ARM with 64-bit x86 application emulation by the end of November. Needless to add, this would dramatically increase the number of applications that can be run on Windows 10 on ARM. Incidentally, Microsoft’s Panos Panay confirmed that some Windows 10 on ARM app compatibility news will be shared in the coming weeks.

Windows 10 On ARM Still A Experimental Project With Several Challenges:

Windows 10 on ARM can be huge as it will significantly increase the number of platforms on which the OS can be run. To date, the OS requires relatively powerful processors and a considerable amount of RAM to reliably run for prolonged periods of time. However, ARM processors have traditionally been designed with portability, uninterrupted and prolonged runtimes on hardware with limited capabilities as primary aspects.

Despite the advantages, Microsoft and the developer community has a long way to go before Windows 10 runs reliably on ARM processors. There are several compatibility issues and a lot of things do not work properly. This results in very poor reliability and several performance issues, making the OS very impractical on ARM hardware.


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