Windows 10 Mobile Will Continue To Receive Support For Office Apps For Another Two Years Even After End Of Life

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile is about to reach its ‘End of Life’. However, smartphone users who continue to use their devices running Windows 10 Mobile will receive critical security updates as well as bug fixes for the MS Office Apps on Windows 10 Mobile.

Incidentally, after the official end of support for Windows 10 Mobile OS, Microsoft is expected to halt all updates to the aging and obsolete smartphone operating system. However, the company’s relaxation of policies for equally old desktop operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7, has offered a strong ray of hope for those who continue to hold on to legacy software and hardware.

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile MS Office Apps To Get Technical Support For Critical Updates For Two More Years:

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile will get the last official security update on December 10, 2019. Needless to add, the date is extremely close. Microsoft has routinely indicated that the number of Windows 10 Mobile users has been declining steadily, but there are still a lot of users, including several from the Enterprise segment, who continue to use the aging smartphone operating system.

Perhaps to address the concerns and help in the transition to Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS smartphone ecosystem, Microsoft may have offered extension to support the MS Office Apps that work on Windows 10 Mobile. This essentially means, Windows 10 Mobile OS will certainly reach its End of Life support on December 10, 2019, but the apps that currently work on the Win10 smartphones, will get security updates as well as bug fixes for another two years.

Support For MS Office Apps Running On Windows 10 Mobile To End On January 12, 2021:

Microsoft has confirmed that it would halt all security updates as well bug fixes for MS Office Apps that run on Windows 10 Mobile OS, on January 12, 2021. Beyond this date, the company will not offer any support or send out any critical updates even for security risks that might be discovered beyond January 2021.

It is not clear why Microsoft is extending support for MS Office Apps that currently work on Windows 10 Mobile while ending support for the smartphone OS itself much sooner. However, the company is quite clear in its execution of the plan to retire both Windows 10 Mobile as well as the relevant MS Office Apps.

Microsoft is planning to remove the MS Office Apps for Windows 10 Mobile from the Microsoft Store. The removal will be carried out in a gradual manner. This means Windows 10 Mobile users will not be able to official access or download the MS Office Apps in the near future. But this applies only to those users who have been using Windows 10 Mobile without the apps.

Users who have already downloaded the apps will be able to keep the software on their device and continue to use the same. They will also get to access most of the features. However, Microsoft will eventually cut off online functions as well. The company is expected to restrict access to online or cloud-based features of MS Office for Windows 10 Mobile, making them redundant quickly.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile was once a powerful smartphone OS ecosystem. However, with the advent and subsequent popularity of Google’s Android as well as Apple’s iOS, coupled with the exponential rise in the number of apps, Windows 10 Mobile steadily lost its appeal.

Interestingly, Microsoft hasn’t given up on the smartphone ecosystem. In fact, the company has openly embraced Android and iOS. Microsoft has been steadily improving its apps and services for these smartphone operating systems. Although these OSes may lose out on Cortana, there are several other apps and services that Microsoft will continue to support and improve. Microsoft indicated it was currently improving the popular MS Apps of Android and iOS by adding AI-driven features and fluent design.

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