Windows 10 Maps Updated to Show House Numbers and Scenic Routes

Microsoft’s dedication to its Maps service has long been brought under the microscope as users have reported outdated maps and services on the platform. Microsoft has expressed that the world is constantly evolving and rapidly changing, thus keeping maps up to date will always have some “lag” as minute detail updates are rolled out. Irrespective of this fact, the Microsoft Maps platform has been outdated in other major ways including its features, lack of depth, and considerably old terrain views. To resolve this issue, Microsoft patched together an extensive team effort to roll out some new features in the Windows 10 Maps version 5.1806.1911.0 update that Windows Insiders are able to immediately avail and use. The application update is also available for smartphones through the Microsoft store.

The updated Windows 10 Maps version 5.1806.1911.0 brings with it three major updates. Users are now able to view individual house numbers and detailed street addresses on the navigation platform. They’re also able to pinpoint these house addresses and save them in their saved or favorited locations. To facilitate the use of saved locations, new shortcut menus have been introduced that make user locations easily accessible. In addition to this, better route planning has been integrated into the system. Other than the typical “fastest” route or “shortest” route, a scenic route option has also been added that shows users the most scenic route in the interface as well as direction on the road.

Windows Insider Update v5.1806.1911.0 for Maps. Windows Latest

These features are exclusive for Windows Insiders only as of yet in the Release Preview Ring. A general public update is expected to come out with these features for regular Windows and Microsoft supported smartphone users as well. In addition to these features, the maps and roads have been updated on the whole with detailed attention and a new team has been set up at Microsoft to ensure that the maps are constantly updated almost in real-time. For now, these three new features are here to keep us going and a generic update to the maps is also here to make them more useful.

Aaron Michael
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