Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18219 released with Improved Narrator Reliability

Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18219 to Windows Insiders who have opted for Skip Ahead. It brings several narrator improvements as well as general changes and bug fixes for PC.

What’s different in Build 18219

Narrator Improvements

Following changes and improvements have been made:

  • Providing Feedback: The keystroke to give input has changed. The new keystroke is Narrator + Alt + F. This works in both Standard and Legacy formats.
  • Reliability: Narrator Reliability has been improved.
  • Quick Start: The link in settings to re-launch the QuickStart should now dependably be working and will launch from the very first Welcome page. The QuickStart should likewise take focus with the launch of Narrator, which implies that Narrator should begin reading it automatically.
  • Scan Mode: Text selection in Scan Mode has been enhanced. Reading and navigating while in Scan Mode has also been improved. Selecting forward in Edge has some recognized issues that are being actively investigated.
  • Keyboard command improvements: The keystroke to Move to start of content has changed to Narrator + B (was Narrator + Control + B), Move to end of text content has changed to Narrator + E (was Narrator + Control + E).
  • Braille: Enhanced usage of Braille commanding when using the Narrator key from the braille display.
  • Move Previous, Move Next, and Change View: While changing Narrator’s view to either characters, words, lines or sections the Read Current Item command will read the content of that particular view type more dependably.
  • The Legacy layout also allows users to use Narrator + E to send Microsoft feedback.

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • Issue where Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom level in Notepad wouldn’t work if the 0 was typed from a keypad, now fixed.
  • Minimized apps do not have squished thumbnails in Task view anymore.
  • Issue resulting in the tops of apps in tablet mode being clipped, now fixed.
  • Issue where the taskbar would stay on top of full-screened apps if you had previously hovered over any grouped taskbar icon to bring up the extended list of previews, but then clicked elsewhere to dismiss it, now resolved.
  • The icons in the Microsoft Edge extension pane are not drawing unexpectedly close to the toggles anymore
  • Find on Page in Microsoft Edge now works for open PDFs once the PDF has been refreshed.
  • Fixed the issue where if the Narrator key is set to just Insert, sending a Narrator command from a braille display should now function as designed regardless if the Caps Lock key is a part of the Narrator key mapping.
  • Issue where Narrator won’t read combo boxes until Alt + down arrow is pressed now resolved.

However, there is still a known problem present in this build for developers where if any of the recent builds are installed from the Fast Ring and then switched to Slow Ring, optional content such as enabling developer mode will possibly fail. The users will have to remain in Fast ring to be able to install/enable/add the optional content.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18219 released with Improved Narrator Reliability

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