Latest Windows 10 19541 Build Breaks Internet Explorer For Many Users

Earlier this week, Microsoft pushed Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19541 to Fast Ring Insiders. Just like all other releases, this one brings some minor features for Windows 10 users.

If you are a Windows 10 Insider, you can now see the list of processes in Task Manager. In addition, many people were previously concerned about how apps use location data. Somehow Microsoft has now decided to address this issue. You will now receive a notification whenever an app uses location services.

Notably, the build 19541 brings a long list of bug fixes for Windows 10 users. But it seems like the update comes with a lot of new bugs as well. Apparently, the latest build broke “Save” or “Save As” functionality in Internet Explorer 11.

Some Insiders reported they can no longer download any files to the Downloads folder due to this issue. Someone stated on Microsoft Answers forum: “I’m having the same problem here – not able to ‘save ‘or ‘save as’ a file to download.”

The problem was also confirmed by Microsoft’s MVP J W Stuart.

“Same problem, IE11 unable to use “Save” or “Save As”.”

CTRL+J Functionality No Longer Works In IE 11

As a quick reminder, this is not a new issue as it previously existed in Windows 10 Insider Build 19536.1000. Well, the actual cause behind the issue is still unknown. By the look of things, the bug didn’t affect all IE 11 users. A Windows 10 user reported that the download functionality works in HP 4430 Probook but doesn’t work in HP Notebook 15.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the issue and neither is there any workaround available at the moment. Some people successfully downloaded the files by right-clicking a link in IE and then selecting Save As option.

Besides the aforementioned problem, the latest build broke another functionality in the browser. You can no longer open the View Downloads page with the help of the CTRL+J shortcut key. If you are on the same boat, it is highly recommended that you should file feedback in the Feedback Hub.

We can’t really say that build 19541 would be a part of the 20H2 development branch. The fact that the latest version brings a relatively small number of features, we can’t predict when those will be available for everyone.

Alex Schoff
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