Windows 10 Build 17746 Comes To Insider Preview With Your Phone Application To Sync Content With Phones

Microsoft had just released the Windows 10 Build 17746 for insider preview. This build was pushed for Windows insiders in the fast ring first and it does have a number of important changes and bug fixes.

General changes and improvements

The windows narrator would sometimes incorrectly showcase “combo boxes” as “editable combo box”, this has now been fixed

In Windows Mixed Reality Mode users had to pair the motion controllers again after the initial setup, this has been fixed now.

In the Japanese and German versions of Windows, the progress percentage during the restart screen would be misaligned and would be present inside the Windows Ring progress animation, now fixed.

The Yes button on the confirmation tab when deleting a OneDrive file would disappear for users with Italian as their display language. This has also been fixed.

GSOD error
Source – MSPoweruser


Users might get a Greenscreen of death when they log out of their Windows profile or shut down their computers.

When using the Ease of Access Make Text bigger setting in Windows 10, the changes might be inconsistent and not show up the same everywhere.

When using Windows Narrator, the feature might not work in the settings menu and wouldn’t dictate the options there, You can temporarily change to Narrator scan mode or restart the application.

Your Phone App
Source – Verge

Applications Update

“Your phone App” is finally available for insiders but only for those PCs running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Version 1803, Build 17134). This app lets users sync content directly from their phones and into their PCs.

“Screen Sketch” has undergone some changes. Microsoft has finally added a delayed snip feature which was highly requested by the community. You can now choose to Snip in 3 seconds or Snip in 10 seconds. Microsoft will also rename the application in a coming update.

This is a very early build as fast ring insiders are among the first insiders to receive an update, so expect all the bugs to be ironed before official release.

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