Windows 10 Bug Causing Update Deferral Settings To Disappear Addressed By Microsoft In The Latest Cumulative Patch Tuesday Update

A weird bug within the last big Windows 10 update, which upgraded the installations to version 1903, caused panic in several users. The cause of concern was the sudden disappearance of ‘Deferral Settings’ in the Advanced Update Options page. The setting essentially allowed cautious Windows 10 OS users to delay or postpone installing a few updates on their computers. Although Microsoft claims to test each and every Cumulative Update, the recent past has been an ample indicator of why the Deferral Settings are critical in ensuring the smooth and reliable functioning of Windows 10 PCs.

The Deferral Settings wasn’t very easy to find but it was a little more powerful than the ‘Pause Update’ option that Microsoft has extended to Windows 10 OS users. The company was compelled to scale back its rather aggressive policy of forcing Feature Updates and Cumulative Updates onto users of Windows 10. It was a welcome step from Microsoft but many feared it was short-lived after the Deferral Settings options went missing when users started installing Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903). As it turns out, the disappearance of the crucial settings wasn’t intentional.

Windows 10 Deferral Settings Feature Suddenly Disappears In Windows 10 1903:

The previous major Windows 10 Update had several feature improvements and bug fixes. However, there were many new issues according to users who eagerly update their Windows 10 machines. A feature that was specifically deployed to protect users, suddenly went missing, causing a lot of concern. The feature, called Windows 10 Update Deferral Settings suddenly became non-existent, leaving many concerned that Microsoft has taken away the one feature that could protect them from installing potentially problematic updates that addressed bugs but also added a few.

The setting allows Windows 10 users to block Windows Update will from installing a new version or Feature Update of Windows 10 for a specified number of days. Users can also delay the installation of Cumulative Updates for a specific number of days.

Incidentally, users cannot indefinitely postpone the installation of updates. Microsoft eventually forces the Windows 10 installations to update after the Service Life of the previous or older version ends. Nonetheless, there have been several bugs and erratic behavior of apps and Windows 10 itself after installing the Feature Updates as well as Cumulative Updates. Hence, the choice to delay the same, and allow Microsoft to rectify or address bugs was a welcome step.

Summarizing the issue, a user wrote on Reddit, “They have an odd bug with the deferral settings that were introduced in 1903 (mine is actually the opposite currently, I can see the setting for Feature Updates but not Quality Updates). Essentially it seems that you can pick that setting once after you do so the setting item in the GUI will disappear entirely. It can be manually fixed by editing the registry key for it, but I have no idea why it hasn’t been patched yet.”

Windows 10 Gets Back Feature And Quality Update Deferral Options Dialog In Latest Cumulative Update:

Microsoft accepted the disappearance of Deferral Settings, a straightforward method to postpone updates, wasn’t intentional. The company has ensured the latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10 brings back Deferral Settings.

The Windows 10 KB4524570 (Patch Tuesday update) reportedly brings back the feature in its exact previous iteration without any changes. Interestingly, Windows 10 users who have installed the most recent November 2019 Update, should also accept and install the update that brings back the Deferral Settings.

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Windows 10 Bug Causing Update Deferral Settings To Disappear Addressed By Microsoft In The Latest Cumulative Patch Tuesday Update

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