Windows 10 Bug That Brings Down Performance And Causes Crashes Or System Freezes Has a Fix

Windows 10 operating system users have been facing a weird and problematic bug that severely impacts performance. The bug is primarily prevalent in Windows 10 v2004 or May 2020 Update and continues to affect PCs with Windows 10 OS subsequent releases as well. Microsoft has assured that the company is well aware of the weird performance impacting bug, and an update is ready.

Microsoft has indicated that it is well aware of a long-running bug inside Windows 10 that pulls down performance and causes several issues such as system freezes or BSOD crashes as well. The bug has been troubling several Windows 10 PCs ever since the Windows 10 v2004, May 2020, or 20H1 update arrived. Now, an optional update is ready that claims to address the bug and ensures reliable performance.

Windows 10 KB4580364 Update Address Bug That Negatively Impacts Performance And Causes Crashes Or Freezes:

Microsoft launched the Windows 10 May 2020 Update earlier this year. This was an optional update for about two months before it started rolling out to more users. Incidentally, quite a few Windows 10 OS users are still awaiting the Cumulative Feature Update. This is because there appears to be an ‘Upgrade Block’ owing to hardware, software, and other issues.

Apart from the as-yet unfixed bugs, Windows 10 version 2004 and recent cumulative updates have introduced more problems for some users. One of the common complaints is about frequent system freezes or slowdowns. Quite a few users have noted that Windows 10 version v2004 or newer will freeze games or apps. Apparently, there’s no confirmed solution or workaround. The only solution, and that too a temporary one, is to perform a hard reset to restore the performance. The problem is also mentioned on Reddit.

Microsoft had previously indicated it was aware of the reports. Now the Windows 10 OS maker assures they’ve already fixed the performance issues in a preview update. In an update to the support document, Microsoft says Windows 10 KB4580364 fixes an issue “that causes the operating system to stop working or stop responding”.

The company claims the performance impacting bug within Windows 10 was caused by a deadlock in the TCP/IP driver which resulted in performance issues for some users. TCP/IP is a network-based feature that defines how your PC communicates with other devices on the network.

Should Windows 10 OS Users Install KB4580364 Optional Update?

It is important to note that KB4580364 is an optional update. What this means is that Microsoft is not pushing the update to Windows 10 PCs. It is up to the users to grab the update and install the same. Moreover, users must note that they should exercise caution and need not go on installing optional updates to fix potential performance issues.

Optional updates typically include several bug fixes and improvements. However, these updates are never downloaded and installed automatically. These ‘preview’ updates are first tested with interested users participating in the Windows Insider program. Once these fixes work on several machines and resolve the issues, they make it into Windows 10’s mandatory Patch Tuesday update.

Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 10’s mandatory cumulative update and it will include performance improvements starting today. This Patch Tuesday Update should include the optional update KB4580364.

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Windows 10 Bug That Brings Down Performance And Causes Crashes Or System Freezes Has a Fix

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