This Cool Windows 10 Concept Makes It Easy To Diagnose BSOD Errors

You must have encountered the infamous blue screen of death or BSOD at some point in your life. This screen appears when your system runs into a critical error and fails to recover from it.

More specifically, some serious problems with your computer hardware and software may lead to a black screen. It is a critical error that forces your Windows to crash or stop working.

The BSOD screen gives a message such as:

Windows 10 Blue screen of death

When this happens, the only option you have is to restart your system. Notably, you may lose your unsaved data as a result. The visual appearance of the black screen varies depending upon the version of your Windows. However, people have always complained that the BSID fails to provide all the information required to fix the error.

This New Windows 10 BSOD Concept Is The Solution

Fortunately, a UI designer Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana took the matter into consideration. The user-designed an interesting Windows 10 BSOD concept that solves this problem.

Although the concept is somehow similar to the existing design with a fresh and modern look along with a big change. The new page has a QR code that could help you to diagnose the issue. It seems to be an important addition which was highly demanded by Windows 10 community.


Furthermore, the user also designed a blue version alongside the black screen. Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana ran a poll to determine user feedback on the matter. The result proved that 58% of users wanted a black screen.

The Windows community welcomed the concept and many people expressed their opinions in response to the tweet. However, they think that a sad face should be a part of the new design.

That’s awesome 👍, and thanks for mentioning me!, BTW you should add a white border to the QR code to work as the QR code reader reads the white lines between black lines and making black lines connected to background that makes the reader cannot detect the QR code.

As a reminder, Microsoft has always ignored the BSOD when it comes to UI design changes. It looks like a redesign remains only a dream, at least for now.

It remains to be seen if the big M takes inspiration from this concept and incorporates the design into the official release of Windows 10 20H1.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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This Cool Windows 10 Concept Makes It Easy To Diagnose BSOD Errors

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