Windows 10 Autopilot Update ‘KB4532441’ Accidentally Sent Out To Windows 10 Users Alongside Patch Tuesday Updates

Microsoft appears to have committed the same mistake twice by sending out a patch for Autopilot-powered Windows 10 devices to everyone. The update, sent out erroneously, was pulled back quickly. However, several users accidentally installed the same, and the Windows 10 Autopilot update ‘KB4532441’ still resides on many Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft pushed a patch for Autopilot-powered Windows 10 devices to everyone once again. The company had committed the same blunder less than two months ago. The company has hastily pulled the update from active deployment, but many users have already installed the same. Apparently, Microsoft pulled out the update after realizing the mistake. The update was part of the Patch Tuesday updates that Microsoft sent on December 10.

Windows 10 Autopilot update ‘KB4532441’ Rolled Out Accidentally, Again:

Microsoft pushed a patch for Autopilot-powered Windows 10 devices to everyone back in the month of October. Microsoft has repeated the same mistake again. This time, another Windows 10 Autopilot update ‘KB4532441’ was rolled out to everyone. The update was sent alongside the eagerly awaited Patch Tuesday update. Microsoft sent out both the updates on December 10.

Several Windows 10 users confirmed on a forum that the erroneous update went out to consumer editions of Windows 10. The update is meant for Windows 10 installations used in the corporate and business environments. But instead of a select few, the update was sent out to every common user of Windows 10.

Interestingly, the behavior of the update was rather odd. The patch for Autopilot-powered Windows 10 devices appeared as an update and would show up immediately whenever a user checked for updates. If that’s not enough, the update was pushed through the Windows 10 update settings repeatedly, even if users had installed the same in the first attempt. Incidentally, the update did not fail to install, and even showed up correctly in the ‘Installed Update’ history, but merely kept on reappearing.

After realizing their mistake, Microsoft quickly acknowledged the same and confirmed that it has pulled the update from active deployment. The company even offered the following explanation:

“This update was available through Windows Update. However, we have removed it because it was being offered incorrectly. When an organization registers or configures a device for Windows Autopilot deployment, the device setup automatically updates Windows Autopilot to the latest version.

Note: There is no effect on Windows Autopilot being offered to Windows 10 devices. If you were offered this update and do not use Autopilot, installing this update will not affect you. Windows Autopilot update should not be offered to Windows 10 Home.”

How To Check And Remove Windows 10 Autopilot Update ‘KB4532441’ Sent Out In Error:

Microsoft has stressed that the update the company sent out mistakenly, has no adverse or negative impact on the Windows 10 installation. Moreover, the update shouldn’t cause any erratic behavior, indicated the company. Nonetheless, concerned users can easily uninstall the Remove Windows 10 Autopilot Update ‘KB4532441’ patch.

Several users who claim to have received the patch, note they have uninstalled the same successfully. Moreover, a continuously updated forum thread indicates there are no issues after uninstalling the patch. The patch should be easily visible in the ‘Installed Updates’ page under Settings and Windows Update. Uninstalling the same is a pretty straightforward process.

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