Microsoft Plans To Separate “Family” and “Other users” In Windows 10’s Account Settings

Today PC users are more concerned about their privacy as compared to the past. They don’t want anyone to access their personal files saved on their machines. But there are times when you need to share your computer with people including co-workers or family members.

In that case, it is not a good approach to use a single account for everyone who uses a shared resource. Thus, Microsoft allows you to set up a separate account for all users who need to interact with their PCs. In fact, you can head towards the Settings > Accounts > Family & other users section to create new accounts for multiple users.

Consequently, Windows 10 maintains separate web browsing history, settings, apps, and files for all users on a shared machine. It looks like Microsoft is now planning to separate “Family and other users” account settings in Windows 10.

A Twitter user Albacore first noticed the change in the recent Windows 10 Insider Build. Microsoft has separated the Settings category into two new subcategories called “Your family” and “Other users”. As we can see in the screenshots, you can allow all your family members to access your PC with one click.

Take A Look At New Windows 10 Account Settings

Here is how Microsoft describes the family group:

“Sign in with a Microsoft account to see your family here or add any new members of your family. Family members get their own sign-in and desktop. You can help kids stay safe with appropriate websites, time limits, apps, and games.” 

Moreover, the Other people group is explained in the following manner:

“Add someone who can sign in on this device. They won’t be added to your family group.”

It is worth noting that both of these options still perform more or less the same task but with new labels. For now, it is not yet clear if it’s just a visual change or the new settings actually work. Those who are currently enrolled in the Windows Insider program may navigate to the Settings > Accounts section to find the new settings right away.

However, you can expect to see this change at some point in the future, if you are not a part of the Insider program. It’s best to wait until Microsoft officially releases the first major update of this year i.e Windows 10 20H1 very soon.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.