Windows 10 20H1 May 2020 Update v2004 Causing ‘Cortana Is Not Available’ Error, Here’s How To Fix

The Windows 10 May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update has started arriving on Windows 10 installations, and has reportedly brought several weird issues including ‘Failure to Install’. The latest issue a few people are facing is the breakdown of the Cortana virtual assistant. A few users have complained that they are getting “Cortana is not available in your region” message. Needless to add, this is an incorrect message for people where Cortana is officially available.

The Windows 10 20H1 v2004 is now gradually been received on Windows 10 PCs across the world. As with nearly every major Cumulative Update, even the Windows 10 May 2020, has its own share of problems, issues, and weird behavioral patterns after installation. Quite a few users are complaining that Cortana partially disappears after installing Windows 10 2004. This means Cortana is available in the Taskbar but attempting to launch the same results in “Cortana is not available in your region” error message.

Microsoft Delinked Cortana From Windows Search And Restricted Its Availability:

It is important to note that Microsoft has completely delinked Cortana virtual assistant from Windows Search. The company has been gradually separating the two for quite some time. Initially, Microsoft wanted a completely integrated platform that consisted of Cortana and Windows Search, but took the decision not just to delink the two, but also to restrict the availability of the virtual assistant in several regions. Essentially, Microsoft Cortana was completely delinked from Windows Search in the Taskbar in Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

In case users upgrade to or clean install Windows 10 version 2004 they will notice two items, one for the Windows Search box and the Cortana icon, in the taskbar. If Cortana is available in the region Microsoft has designated, it should work. However, in some cases, despite being in a region where Cortana is supposed to be available, users are being greeted with the error message about Cortana not being available.

After installing the latest Windows 10 May 2020 Cumulative Feature Update, users may get Cortana is not available in your region message whenever they launch Cortana from the Taskbar. This is an error message because Cortana has worked before, claimed users affected by the issue.

How To Fix “Cortana is not available” Issue In Windows 10 20H1 v2004

Here are the steps you need to follow to make Cortana work in Windows 10 2004

  1. Click on Cortana icon on the taskbar
  2. Sign in to it with a Microsoft Account
  3. If users still receive the same message, head to Microsoft Store and search for Cortana or visit this link in the web browser
  4. Click on the Get button, and install the update from the Store.
  5. Launch Cortana, sign into it. Users should be able to chat with the digital Assistant in Windows 10 without any issues.

According to Microsoft, Cortana is available in these regions for these languages:

  • Australia: English
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Canda: English/French
  • China: Chinese (Simplified)
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • India: English
  • Italy: Italian
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Mexico: Spanish
  • Spain: Spanish
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English

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