WikiLeak’s Founder Julian Assange Might Be Prosecuted By The US Justice Department, Revealed In an Unrelated Case Filing

A lot of people think confidential information and state secrets are exclusively leaked in some dingy Deep Web websites, but Wikileaks would beg to differ. Wikileaks is an organization that leaks confidential documents, state secrets and other related information. Many of their revelations have caused waves in both global and local politics. Some of their notable works include documentation of equipment expenditures and holdings in the Afganistan War and leaking files related to prisoners detained in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Wikileaks also leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, which according to some analysts cost her the Presidential elections.

The Man Behind WikiLeaks

Wikileak’s website was started way back in 2006, in Iceland by the Sunshine Press. Although Australian Internet Activist Julian Assange, is regarded as its founder and director.

Julian Assange was born in July 3rd 1971, he started his career as a programmer and also programmed the first free open source Port scanner called strobe. He dropped out of University and took over as Wikileak’s editor and director in 2004.

Having published so many confidential documents, Wikileaks has definitely been targeted by many countries around the world. In 2010 the United States of America launched a criminal investigation against Assange after Wikileaks leaked classified cables that had been sent to the U.S. State Department by 274 of its consulates, embassies, and diplomatic missions around the world. This is also famously called the Cablegate leaks, and the leak contained diplomatic analysis from world leaders and data of host countries.

Unfortunately Julian Assange was named in a sexual assault case and fearing prosecution he had to seek asylum from Ecuador. The charges were dropped later and Sweden even took back the European arrest warrant, but he is still liable for prosecution in the UK for breaching his bail conditions.

US Justice Department is still looking to prosecute Julian

It seems the justice department has prepared secret charges against Julain, which were accidentally revealed in a case unrelated to Wikileak’s founder. This was disclosed by Assistant US Attorney Kellen S. Dwyer, who is also assigned to Julian’s case.

The Guardian suggests, this might be unintentional as prosecutors often copy texts from previous legal documents. Even the spokesperson from the Justice Department speaking to “The Guardian” stated “The court filing was made in error. That was not the intended name for this filing“. Although Wikileaks isn’t convinced and believes there are secret charges against Julian, prepared by the US.

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