WhatsApp’s Desktop Beta App is Getting A Major Design Overhaul On Windows 10 and 11

The desktop app for WhatsApp on Windows is generally modern enough to bypass today’s standard of what we define as “clean”. It’s a pretty simple-looking app with UI that isn’t obtrusive and gets the job done. I’ve personally never thought of a better design for it as it matches rather nicely with WhatsApp on my phone. However, a few months back, WhatsApp debuted the beta for its new design that overhauled the UI completely. 

While that beta was based on UWP and looked more in-line with Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Office apps, news broke out today confirming that the WhatsApp Beta has now shifted to the new Win UI 2.6 design system to take advantage of Fluent Design in Windows 11 and make the app look as much in line with the OS as possible. 

Popular Windows leaker, FireCube, discovered the changes earlier today when they spotted the new Win UI-based design inside WhatsApp Beta app on desktop. The changes aren’t drastic but you can still notice them. Gone are the sharp, distinct edge, and in are the infamous rounded corners. Everything just looks more Windows 11-ish. Apart from that, multi-device support and inking are still here.

The main difference can be witnessed in the settings where the panel on the left gets a major uplift thanks to its cleaner UI elements, down to the smaller and rounded off blue bar that appears aside the setting you’ve selected. The dialogue boxes also have seen an upgrade and look like straight out a native Windows 11 app. Though, it’s important to remember that all these changes will be a part of the Windows 10 version of the app, too, so they might not look as at home as they do here.

Old vs new settings in the WhatsApp Beta | FireCube
Old vs new dialogue box in the Whatsapp Beta | FireCube

You can download the WhatsApp Beta right on Microsoft Store to try out the new changes for yourself. However, being a beta release still means that it might be more buggy than the stable version so you have been warned. Plus, some inconsistencies are also still in place where elements of the app look out of touch with its own modern design due to not being updated yet.

Huzaifa Haroon
Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a Windows enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him writing about operating systems, striving to inform the curious.

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WhatsApp’s Desktop Beta App is Getting A Major Design Overhaul On Windows 10 and 11

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