WhatsApp Web’s Latest Update Brings Picture in Picture Feature, Improvements & Security Fixes

WhatsApp Web is becoming a pretty useful thing for people these days. What it basically does is allows users to access WhatsApp on their PCs via any ordinary web browser. That has a variety of uses including accessing WhatsApp when you are away from your phone, or using it to open links. Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the 0.3.2041 Update for WhatsApp Web. Apart from the various new improvements and security fixes, it also brings a pretty good feature. That is, the Picture in Picture feature.

Picture in Picture Now Available For Multiple Services

As WABetaInfo mentions in its blog, “WhatsApp has finally submitted a new update for the web platform, giving the possibility to use the Picture in Picture feature for videos hosted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Streamable.” The Picture in Picture isn’t something new, as it was already available for shared videos after the 0.3.1846 update. What is new is the availability of these feature for videos hosted on multiple services.

Testing this feature is pretty easy. First, users need to share a video from one of the services mentioned above. Once that’s done, WhatsApp will show a preview of the video in a bubble. The video is presented in the Picture in Picture Mode once the users presses the bubble. Users can also switch chats without closing the Picture in Picture. Users are adviced to wait a few seconds before sending the link of the video, so that WhatsApp can load its preview.

Getting the Latest WhatsApp Web Update

Users should be able to access the feature by default. If it doesn’t work, it means you are running an older version of WhatsApp Web. Clearing the cache of the browser and then restarting it should do the trick. Once you do it, you will have the latest version of WhatsApp Web and you’ll be able to access the feature as well.

It is pretty noteworthy to see WhatsApp avidly working on WhatsApp Web as well. WhatsApp Web had been getting regular updates ever since release, adding various features, improvements and fixes.

Md Armughanuddin
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