WhatsApp Splash Screen Bug Fix Brings More Issues For Some Users

We reported about a strange design flaw in the messaging application last week. The Splash Screen basically had a weird line beside the WhatsApp logo. Although the line was apparently not visible, still it greets users as soon as they open the application.

The bug was initially spotted by a popular leakster WABetaInfo. It seems WhatsApp immediately took notice of the problem and released a fix in the recent update. However, by the look of things, the fix introduced some new issues for WhatsApp users.

Those users who installed the Android 2.19.297 update reported that the WhatsApp logo appears to be off-center on the updated Splash Screen. A user who noticed the changed shared an image on social media to report the issue.

Another user who noticed a similar problem confirmed that the logo has vertical alignment issues as well.

mine is in center horizontally…but not in middle vertically, lil upwards…that a bug, or normal screen?

Chat Notification Badge Doesn’t Increment For iOS Devices

WhatsApp also rolled out a new update for iOS users this week, which brings a highly anticipated feature — call waiting. The new feature will now allow you to receive an incoming call when you are already on a call. In other words, your current call will be on hold until you receive the second call.

Besides the aforementioned change, the new iOS update brings another issue, as confirmed by WABetaInfo. Apparently, the Splash Screen issues are not only limited to Android users. Some iOS users have also spotted unusual issues related to the Splash Screen.

It is strange that the Splash Screen has a blank background, without any logo. Furthermore, numerous users confirmed that a bug restricts WhatsApp’s chat notification badge from incrementing. Here’s how a user described the problem.

Ok it seems confirmed, WhatsApp for iOS has a bug that doesn’t not increment the chat notification badge when it reaches 999.

Initially, some people thought that it is an intentional change and WhatsApp has set a new limit for the notification badge. WhatsApp will need to release another bug fix update to address the issues.

Alex Schoff
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