WhatsApp Rolls Out a Testing Update for Version, Introduces ‘Mute Always’ and Message Expiry Options

WhatsApp has rolled out a new testing update of its version through the Google Play Beta Program. According to the new version, WhatsApp is planning to bring enhancement to its mute function. This update brings about a few new features including a ‘Mute Always’ option for the users and will allow them to put notifications from a specific group or chat on mute forever. Now if a chat becomes too annoying for you to handle, put it on mute for an entire lifetime.

The new addition has replaced the previous option of ‘1 year’ with ‘Always’ to let users keep notifications from a group or chat on mute permanently. It is important to remember that the permanent muting of a chat or a group will not prevent users to view new messages which will be received from the group or account on WhatsApp.

In addition to the new ‘Mute Always’ option, WhatsApp also plans to add the feature of ‘Expiring messages’. This feature will allow users to make the new messages disappear in a chat after a period of seven days. This feature was spotted back in March along with other options which allowed users to decide the time span for which they wanted their messages in a chat to stay available before disappearing permanently.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp has developed a feature for self-destruction of messages. A few testimonials of this feature’s existence were observed in an earlier beta version a few weeks later its preliminary glimpse. This feature of Expiring messaging will remain available for both individual and group chats.

This feature is still under development and WhatsApp is working to improve it before it can be released. This is why if you don’t see this new feature in your build, don’t worry. For now, the app’s testing program has reached maximum number of testers and isn’t accepting any more testers. Hopefully, the updated version will be made generally available once the test runs are complete.

Maira Ahmed
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