Apple’s iOS 13 Bug Quietly Breaks Notifications For WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp was originally launched back in November 2009. No doubt the popular messaging application has evolved over the years. The platform regularly tests many interesting and new features for all platforms. However, the Beta testing phase sometimes goes wrong as well.

WhatsApp web users experienced an unusual problem quite recently. The issue is specifically noticed by some iOS users who recently updated to iOS 13. According to the forum reports, the users appear offline even if the mobile data is on. In addition, notifications no longer appear on their screens unless they open the app.

It is worth noting that, the bug has only affected notifications on iOS devices. It remains to be seen if the problem affected other platforms including Whatsapp Web client for Mac and Android. On top of that, the cause behind this issue is still unknown. As one user wrote on Reddit:

Since apple can’t really answer my problem. I’ll try it here. Is there anyone who is experiencing some notification problem on whatsapp since updating to ios 13? I’ve been appearing as “offline” even if i have my mobile data on. Messages won’t come through unless i open whatsapp itself. Please help. It’s been going for a month now.

Another user on Reddit notes:

“Yeah, having the same problem since updating to iOS 13 two days ago. Until the app is opened, messages won’t come through. Also having problems backing up my chat through WhatsApp, its stuck and doesn’t want to continue even though I have enough space in my iCloud.”

In addition, some iOS users who performed a full reset of the device stated that the problem still persists. Unfortunately, there is no workaround available at the moment and you may need to wait until WhatsApp releases a fix.

Let’s hope the WhatsApp team takes notice of the problem and releases an emergency update to address this issue.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Apple’s iOS 13 Bug Quietly Breaks Notifications For WhatsApp Users

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