WhatsApp Beta For iOS Brings A Share Screen Bug, Here’s How You Can Fix It

It seems like Facebook engineers are working really hard during the quarantine period, as some major features are already in the pipeline including the support for multiple devices.

In a recent development, the popular messaging platform made it easier for iOS users to share content. Those iOS users who installed the WhatsApp Beta version 2.20.40 can now see the contact suggestions directly in the share sheet menu. Following the update, you simply need to tap on the list to share content.

Notably, this capability was not available in the previous versions of the WhatsApp. People had to tap on the WhatsApp icon to open the sharing menu for choosing a specific contact. With this change, it is pretty convenient for them to crop, edit and share their photos right from the native share window.

Apparently, the new capability was appealing for many users, as they downloaded the update soon after its release. But it seems like a lot of them ran into issues with the new sharing sheet. According to WABetaInfo, some iOS users can’t see the contacts on the sharing sheet.

Steps To Fix The Share Screen Issue

Although all of them downloaded the recent update, some users couldn’t figure out why the feature wasn’t available on their devices. As usual, WABetaInfo found the solution to the problem and stated that contacts don’t appear for devices with a Screen Lock.

For those who don’t know, your WhatsApp Privacy Settings has a built-in functionality “Screen lock” that allows you to enable Face ID/Touch ID authentication. So, it means that you need to disable the Screen Lock first, chat with contact and close the app to see the contact suggestions on the share sheet.

In response to the tweet, several people confirmed that this workaround resolved the issue. But some of them still noticed the same issue even though the Screen Lock was not enabled.

“It did work for me now… My screen-lock was disabled, I enabled it and it worked and I disabled it again and it worked seamlessly after that. Phew!!! That was a weird issue…”

It seems like an implementation issue at the backend. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed in the final release. Needless to say, the feature is still in the testing phase and such problems often appear in the beta releases.

Did the trick work for you to enable the new contact suggestion feature? Let us know in the comments section below.


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