WhatsApp developing ‘Mark as Read’ feature for notifications on Android

WhatsApp has been updated with several new features over the past few months and the Facebook-owned service is now developing a “Mark as Read” feature for notifications on Android smartphones. The feature has been discovered in the last version of the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.214.

WABetaInfo discovered the feature in the beta version of the popular cross-platform messaging app. It isn’t actually enabled in the beta version as well. The feature has been kept disabled for development reasons as improvements may be made to it before it’s enabled even for beta users.

Mark as Read will be a simple but rather useful feature for the app’s users on Android. It’s used by Android Messages to enable users to quickly mark chats as read from the notifications shade. They don’t have to open the app and manually do that in it if they want to get rid of the notifications bubble on that app.

With Mark as Read enabled, WhatsApp users will thus be able to quickly mark chats as read quickly. Most users have dozens of chats ongoing in WhatsApp so this simple feature addition will go a long way in making their lives easier as far as notification control is concerned.

It’s unclear if WhatsApp is going to enable this feature in the next beta version. It will definitely take some time before this feature is released for the stable version of WhatsApp for Android.

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