You’re Not Alone, WhatsApp Connectivity Issue Caused Chat History Loss For Some Users

WhatsApp is a popular group messaging app that is pretty popular among smartphone users around the world. Millions of users spend most of their time chatting with their friends and family via WhatsApp. However, the popularity of the app doesn’t guarantee that the platform is safe from bugs and issues.

It looks like WhatsApp has been hit by another major problem that restricts them from using the application. A lot of iOS users are currently experiencing WhatsApp connectivity issues for the past few days. Some of them discussed the problem on Reddit:

“For two days I’ve been experiencing connection problem uniquely on WhatsApp while other apps and browser work fine. The problem is that it takes a long time to connect or doesn’t connect at all when I open the app, thus no notification either. (I’m guessing when the app is in background it disconnects itself.) I’ve tried the recommended solutions on WhatsApp FAQ but no luck. I’ve also tried many different WiFi and cellular data and only WhatsApp has this problem.”

The OP confirmed that the issue was temporarily resolved after reinstalling the app on the iOS device. However, the problem came back within a few hours. In addition, the OP successfully completed the chat back up process in the first attempt.

Now it seems like the entire app is offline for some users and the back up doesn’t work anymore. Moreover, those who couldn’t back up WhatsApp chats due to this issue lost everything as a result of the fresh installation.

WhatsApp Denies Server Side Connectivity Issues

Notably, several users contacted customer support to report the issue stated that they received a generic response from the WhatsApp team. As a matter of fact, the CS claimed that its a hardware related issue and it has nothing to do with the service.

“WhatsApp servers aren’t currently experiencing any connection issues, so this issue is a result of your iPhone hardware or software or your connection to your network. WhatsApp doesn’t have a way to determine which of these is causing the issue.”

Fortunately, the problem is now fixed for some users while others are still unable to use the app. Apparently, it seems to be a server-side issue that was resolved at their end. However, at the time of writing this article, the company has not acknowledged the problem.

Have you experienced connectivity issues on your iOS or Android devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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You’re Not Alone, WhatsApp Connectivity Issue Caused Chat History Loss For Some Users

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