Facebook Failed To Address A Weird Design Flaw In the WhatsApp Beta Splash Screen

WhatsApp has recently rolled out new features for both iOS and Android users. Those users who are a part of the TestFlight Beta Program received an update that introduced a couple of new features for WhatsApp users.

The first change includes a redesigned icon for WhatsApp read receipts. You can see that the new icon appears to be a lot bolder and brighter. The second change involves a redesigned splash screen for WhatsApp users.

It looks like Facebook engineers completely ignored a design flaw in the Splash Screen. A number of users noticed a weird line on the left side of the WhatsApp logo. Apparently, the line is unnoticeable and it is only visible when you zoom in. The line is visible in the tweet attached below:


WhatsApp has released multiple updates for Splash Screen and it is strange that the design engineers completely ignored the issue.

Nevertheless, some people are of the opinion that Splash Screen is not a feature. The company should rather invest its resources in developing features and improving privacy.

WhatsApp Fixed Spyware Bug

Design bugs have been an inherent part of WhatsApp Beta releases. However, they are often ignored by Facebook engineers.

A recent report revealed that the chat application had a design vulnerability that could have caused serious problems for WhatsApp users. The report suggests that malicious actors could have easily exploited the flaw to get access to your personal files and messages.

The bug allowed hackers to send MP4 files to secretly install spyware on your phone. Fortunately, Facebook engineers resolved the issue last month. However, the company didn’t disclose details to the general public.

No doubt WhatsApp is constantly working to improve its security. Still, you need to keep your app updated to avoid potential issues. Android users should be running WhatsApp version 2.19.274  and iOS users need to install the latest version 2.19.100 on their phones.

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Facebook Failed To Address A Weird Design Flaw In the WhatsApp Beta Splash Screen

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