What Is The Throwback Trend?

TBT is an abbreviation for ‘Throwback Thursday’. It is used by many social network users who post a memory of the previous Thursday on a Thursday. It is just a trend that is popularly being followed by all internet users.

Similarly, like TBT, FBF is also a trend, but it stands for ‘Flashback Friday’. This is when you post a memory of a Friday from your past, on a Friday.

How to Use TBT and FBF?

You can use TBT and FBF mostly in the form of hash tags. You can put up a status on any of the social networks that you have an account on, and caption it with a #tbt or #fbf.

Now the rule for this trend is, that if you are using tbt, you must post, comment or upload a picture related to the memory , on a Thursday, and no other day.

The same goes for fbf. If you want to use the hash tag fbf, you must post it on a Friday.

The purpose of these abbreviations and these trends can only be fulfilled if you follow the rules. As explained above.

What is the Difference Between TBT and FBF?

The very first, and the most obvious difference between the acronyms is the day. Where TBT is a trend for Thursdays , FBF , is a trend for Fridays only.

If you use the internet too often and are an active user of all the social media networks, you must have noticed that there is only one, of these two acronyms which is more popularly used by other users. Any guesses which one that is?

It is TBT. Throwback Thursday.

The tbt trend initially took off in the year 2011, while for fbf, it was later in the early 2012 that people started writing fbf on posts and pictures. But even after fbf was introduced, tbt still was, and still is more popularly used in comparison to fbf.

What Does Throwback Exactly Mean?

Throwback is used in remembrance of something or someone from the past.

What Does Flashback mean?

Flashback is mostly defined as a memory that suddenly appears in your mind out of the blue.

Are Throwback and Flashback the Same?

If we write these words down, like tbt and fbf, we will notice that both the words represent the same kind of expression. Where you are sharing a piece of your past, whether it is a thing, an event or a person from your past.

It is exactly how you feel nostalgia when you see something that reminds you of something from your past. Like an advertisement on the television might remind you of your childhood days.

Why is ‘Throwback’ Becoming Popular?

Everyone loves going down the memory lane. Whether it is remembering your childhood, or recalling your memories from school days. All of these bring back something that you once enjoyed a lot and it brings a big smile on your face when you recollect all these memories. And to relive that feeling, people have started the throwback trend.

Facebook, too, has a feature which shows you memories of a year or a few years back on a current date. I am sure many of you have witnessed this, and understand the beautiful feeling of seeing a picture from your last vacation in Europe, or your school class picture.

I remember when one of my friends tagged me in a group picture from our childhood days. Captioning it with ‘throwback to good days’. We looked hideous, but the picture did bring a smile to my face. It would to anyone if they are shown a piece of their past and the happy memories.

This is the main reason why ‘throwback’ posts are becoming a popular trend on social media. It brings you a feeling of joy wherever you are.

Anyone Can Become a Part of this Hash Tag Trend

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the internet world. You can easily become a part of this tbt and fbf trend. All you have to do it upload a picture, or a status, remembering the event or occasion from any of the days that have gone by. Once you have designed the post, you need to add a hash tag to it.

For instance, if today is a Thursday, you will write tbt under the picture that you have just posted. And if, today is a Friday, you will use fbf as a hash tag.

You can play your part for this trend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tumblr.

Acronym or Full Form?

From the trend patterns on all the social media forums, I have noticed that don’t only use the abbreviation tbt. They use it in many forms. For instance:

  • #Throwback #Thursday
  • #throwbackthursday
  • #tbt

The last one being the most commonly used

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