What is Readsy and How Can It Help a Reader

For all the readers reading this would be happy to know that they can have a website show one word at a time for an article that they want to learn. Readsy, is a free website that aids people who want to read an article but find it difficult to understand it in its usual form.

What is Readsy and How Does it Work

Readsy is a website which helps a reader to read one word at a time and focus on these words. When you are reading from a newspaper, say, for example, you are not able to focus on each word as a pool of words is present on the page you are at. You don’t only get distracted by the rest of the words on the screen, in case you are reading something online, or a book, but you also have to move your eyes and head as the text goes on. Readsy, on the other hand, eliminates the usual reading format and shows one word of the article on the screen at a time, and at a speed that is selected by the reader, to help them read while they are also focusing on what is being read. The reader will not have to worry about distractions from the other words around the article when using Readsy, or, they will not have to move their head and eyes as the lines move down. Their eyes will be focused on one point, where the word will keep changing as Readsy helps you read.

Why Would Anyone Want to Speed Read

You might be thinking that when you can article directly from a website, then why would you use Readsy to read it for you. Well, you will probably have to explore it for yourself to understand how Readsy aids people.  There could be many reasons why people would want to focus-read anything at all.

  1. Bad eyesight, don’t want to put too much pressure on the eyes reading directly from an article.
  2. Lack of time, Readsy helps you focus on words in the articles.

How to Use It

  1. Open the website from here. It is a free website, so you don’t have to worry about subscribing or anything.
    The website has a very interesting interior. And since I am a Graphic Designer, I love how they have used a book, and the word Readsy coming out of it. Their logo clearly explains what role they play in a readers life.
  2. There are three ways to go about it. You can either add a URL for the article that you want to speed-read on Readsy, which is the first option showing in the image above. Or, you can upload a PDF file of the text that you want to read. For instance, if I have a PDF file for a book that I have wanted to read in a long long time, I can simply upload the PDF here on Readsy and let Readsy help me read it.  Thirdly, the last option here for any reader is, to copy and paste the text that they want this website to read. If you scroll down on the same screen as in the image above, you will find the third option there.
    The third option, to add the text directly in the space provided. you can follow the instructions as given in the space.
    This is the link of an article that I added in the space for URLs.
  3. Once you submit the URL, you need to click on the blue tab for submit. This will automatically show you some text for the article, which is where you will now find the tab for Readsy, in green, which is what you need to click on next to start the reading.
    Click on the green Readsy tab right under the text box to begin reading
  4. Now before you begin the speed reading session, you can choose a speed for the word per minute to help you read faster or slower, whatever suits you. The interesting fact here is, that you can change the wpm (word per minute) even during your readying process on Readsy.
    When you click on the green tab for Readsy, you can now see words from the article appearing in front of your screen. You can pause, forward or rewind whenever needed.
    Choose from the speed of the words. This is going to be very helpful for you to time yourself.
  5.  As the website shows the words on the screen for you, it is also keeping a count of the words that are being read or being covered by you. This is another helpful tool to know how many words are left for the article that you are reading.
    The number of words completed by you will appear here.

Habiba Rehman

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