What is NFC and How does it work?

Nowadays paying for something is really simple (that is if you have money). Whether it is that you want to pay for a chair that you found online or paying for your delicious meal, you can do all of that with just a simple tap. Yes, that’s right just a tap, with all the newer technologies available to us nowadays we can even pay for something just from our own mobile phone. Paying from your mobile phone seems like some sort of magic and we may even find it hard to believe that we can actually do this. But what is this technology exactly and how does it work. Well, let us find out.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a method of wireless data transfer. What is does is that it detects and enables devices that are close to it or as you can say “in close proximity range” to communicate with it and it does all the communication without even needing the internet at all. This technology seems very interesting but not all mobile phones have this NFC technology enabled in them. NFC is available in almost all the high-end mobile phones that are available nowadays. Most of the mobile phones with NFC enabled have “NFC” printed on their back which is usually the case, so you can check out for this printing if you want to make sure that your phone supports NFC.

Content Sharing

NFC isn’t only used just for paying for something but it has some other uses as well like data sharing, which can include sharing of apps, sharing of any type of music, videos, web content, photos and much more. You can share anything you want to between two devices that have NFC enabled in them and are also close to each other. Data sharing from NFC is another thing but what you can also do is that you can configure your mobile phone’s setting by using NFC enabled device with NFC programmed tag.

What is NFC tag you may ask well to answer that question I would say that NFC is a small chip that is so small that it can easily be embedded into cards, sticker, and pens, etc ,The chip can store lots of data inside it and this data can easily be read by any device that has NFC enabled in it.

Mobile Payments

The thing that NFC is mostly used for isn’t for data sharing but for that we have Bluetooth technology, for making payments through your mobile phone is what NFC is mostly used for. Some great examples of mobile payments involving NFC are Google Pay and Apple Pay however if we talk specifically about Samsung devices then Samsung pay is also an example of NFC. To start making your payments all you need to do is that you need to make an account with the payment method that you are going to be using, then you need to make sure that NFC is enabled on your device and then what you want to do is that you hold the back of your mobile close to the payment terminal and wait until the payment is completed.

While doing so you have to make sure that NFC is enabled and you shouldn’t turn NFC off from your device until the payment has been completely done or it may cause some problems in the payment. NFC is being used daily in some headphones as well making them easy to pair within seconds, we fell in love with this feature basically from the start.


We can see that NFC is already making a lot of progress in terms of technology and it is growing really fast, some say that it won’t be long until NFC completely takes over all the cards present in our pocket and then all we would have to do is to place our mobile phones in front of the payment terminal and before we even know it our payment would have been completed.


Bill Wilson

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