What Is League of Legends Team Recruitment?

League of Legends is a video game based on the MOBA genre which originated with the original DotA (Defense of the Ancients) which was a map for the popular game called Warcraft III which was published by Valve. The genre revolves around teamwork most of all and it’s impossible to even think about winning the game of all players are not willing to give their best. League of Legends, in particular, is played with two teams consisting of five members each which means that a lot of frustration is bound to occur if one of your teammates simply doesn’t want to play or is AFK.

Player Recruitment

If you

The dashboard of Player Recruitment

are tired of getting lazy or incompetent teammates while you play League of Legends and if you simply don’t have enough friends to invite to your games, Riot has developed a new way for you to find teammates and play with someone for whom you are certain is not going to disappoint. This is great because players who are looking for a teammate always write just what they want to experience while playing with people who apply and there is always a plenty of players to search from. Let’s get to know just how it works.

Rules to Follow

Just like any other public forum related to League of Legends, Player Recruitment also has some rules and guidelines for everyone to follow which definitely makes the whole forum that more neat and user-friendly. Some users might be repelled if there weren’t for admins and moderators who make sure everything is by the book.

Forum posts can be bumped once each day and you can only repost them once every three days. Additionally, forum posts which serve to promote and advertise anything, including your team, your tournament and so on will be deleted if you post these in other people’s posts.

There are a lot of other rules which are implied since your forum threads should still follow Universal Rules and the Summoner’s Code which is sort of a set of universal laws and ethics each League of Legends player should follow.

The Summoner’s Code

Additionally, you should always mark just what it is that you are looking for by tagging your threads accordingly. For example, if you are looking for a team, tag your post with (Team), etc. Apart from that, it is advisable to delete your posts after you have already found what you are looking for because it makes the forum look cleaner and people won’t message you thinking you are still looking for something.

In the End

Finding new players is all about new experiences and playing with people who have similar interests and similar playing style as your own. Playing with unknown people can be frustrating because a lot of them feed intentionally or they simply give up in a fight which results in an awful experience. However, playing with more serious people will step your game up and you will be able to level up faster!


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What Is League of Legends Team Recruitment?

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