What is IMY and When is it Used?

Imy stands for ‘i miss you’. People belonging to all age groups, especially the young adults and teenagers use this internet acronym either on social media forums like facebook and twitter, and when text messaging. They use imy when they are missing someone.

Internet has made texting and conversation on the social media very easy. And internet jargons make it even more easier. Instead of writing a long message in a busy world like todays, you can just write IMY in a text message to let the person at the other end know that you miss them.

Capitalise it or Not ? 

For all internet jargons, it is not necessary that you capitalise the acronym. Similarly, imy can be written as IMY and imy. The meaning in both ways remains the same.You usually capitalise a word or an internet jargon when you want to add a little more emphasis on the word. The same ideology can be implemented on IMY. When you want to show someone that you really miss them, write it in all capitals.

When to Use IMY? 

If you miss someone, you can send them a simple text saying imy. And internet has globalized the whole world where you can message your loved ones who live very far. Having said that, people have become super busy these days to talk to each other. And these short hands are a form of bliss for people who probably would prefer a call over text messages. If you don’t feel like messaging them, and they are too busy to attend a call, you can simply text them a small acronym which will be enough for them to know that you thought of them and are missing them.

My sister lives in a different country. And messaging her an ‘imy’ just makes me feel a lot better.You can too, use IMY to let the ones living away from you know that you miss them. But yet again, imy is not just for the people who are living in a different country than yours, or even a different city. You can say it to anyone dear to you even if they live nearby. Long distanced relationships are not the only ones where IMY could be used. Look at the following examples to learn how you can use imy in your conversations with your friends and family. This will help you understand better how to use IMY in text messaging or over social media forums.

Examples of IMY

Example 1

Jeremy: when are you coming back in town brother?
Taz: no idea, as long as I’m needed here. Probably for a few months, why? What happened?
Jeremy: nothing much, imy, i miss our fights!
Taz: ha ha , miss you too man, will be there soon, dont worry be happy=)

Example 2

Jen: imy!
Jill:miss you too!
Jen:come back soon best friend!
Jill: trying my hardest to get over with this meeting as soon as possible
Jen: see you then <3

Example 3

Henry: mom imy! Can you visit me this weekend?
Mom: imy too my darling. I will. I’ll plan with your dad and come to Melbourne in the next flight.
Henry: ly mom
Mom: love you too son!

Example 4

Cousin 1: it was such a great trip with you, miss all of it.
Cousin 2: i know right, i havent laughed this much since idk how long. Imy so much!
Cousin 1: auww, imy too.
Cousin 2: *sad smiley*
Cousin 1: don’t be sad, i’ll tell your dad to send you to dubai for your winter vacation! We’ll meet soon then!
Cousin 2: yay!!!

Example 5

H: i am sad.
Z: what happened?
H: imy!
Z: i am right here.
H: but we cant meet until next month.
Z: its okay to miss someone, we will meet soon…btw…
H: btw what??
Z: imy too.
H: ^_^

Example 6

D.J: Hey Fiz, how have you been?
Fiz: Hi, been good. You tell?
D.J: I have been good too. You didn’t come for the reunion at Lilly’s?
Fiz: Hey yeah, My daughter wasn’t feeling very well, so couldn’t make it.
D.J: oh, how is she now?
Fiz: she is better. How was the party.
D.J: it was great. Imy though.

Here in this example, imy has been used in the past tense. Here, imy stands for i ‘missed’ you. You can change the word in its past tense according to the sentence that you are composing. Just make sure you don’t change the word completely if you want to use the same acronym.  Otherwise, the word will change the acronym. For instance, writing i thought of you instead of i missed you.

Other Acronyms Like imy

Just how we use imy to tell someone we miss them, we can also use ily to tell them we love them. Ily stands for I love you and is often used in a similar context like IMY. For example, telling your parents ‘ily’ instead of writing the full form.


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