What is ‘HML’ and How Can It Be Used?

The acronym ‘HML’ has two meanings. Firstly, it stands for ‘Hit My Line’ which is often used as an alternate to ‘call me’. The second meaning for ‘HML’ is ‘Hate My Life’, this is usually used to express the displeasing expression of someone when they go through something inconvenient. ‘HML’ is used in both these senses on social media as well as texting.

As HML can be used in both the meanings, you might just get very confused to analyse which HML is being used in a certain conversation. In order to know which one is being used where, let’s look at a few examples and how both the ‘HML’ acronyms can be differentiated.

What is Hit My Line?

Hit My Line, or HML, can be used when you want to tell someone to call you up, or contact you , or message you. So instead of writing ‘call me’ or ‘contact me’, you can write ‘HML’ and that would be enough for them to know that you want them to contact you in any way possible. Just how we say ‘hit back as soon as you read this’. You can write ‘hit my line’ or ‘HML’.

Using acronyms these days is considered a very ‘cool’ culture. So to be a part of the culture, and to be cool, you use this acronym to give a good impression to someone new that you want to contact you.

Examples of Hit My Line (HML)

Example 1

Situation: You have a family dinner at your place and cannot use your phone because that the house rule for family dinners. Later, when everybody is gone, you check your phone and have 5 messages from your friend.

Suzy: Aimy!
Suzy: Aimy! Where are you?
Suzy: I need the answer for question 4! Ugh!
Suzy: You have got to be kidding me-_-.
Suzy: HML as soon as you read this!

Using ‘HML’ here has added an impression that Suzy really wants Aimy to contact her as soon as she can. Reading the ‘HML’ message, Aimy might just contact her right away, considering she needs help with the assignment.

Example 2

J: I need to find out about the shows for the weekend, any idea?
K: No, let me take a look after I’m done with this project.
J: It isn’t that urgent. HML once you are free.
K: Sure.

Example 3

Zee: Did you get the email from the flower shop?
Ben: No, why? Was I supposed to?
Zee: They usually do to confirm the order that we placed.
Ben: Okay.
Zee: HML when they do. Need to be sure that they received our order. Otherwise we would be in a bad situation on the anniversary.
Ben: Okay.

When is Hate My Life Used?

Just how we use ‘LML’, which stands for ‘Love My Life’,  ‘HML’ or ‘Hate My Life’, is used in the same manner, but only when you really hate the things happening in your life. You can even use it in replacement of the acronym ‘FML’  which stands for ‘F*** My Life’.

Using ‘HML’ in this context is much easier to understand, because you can make it from the tone of the message when someone says HML along with a phrase showing what has caused them to hate their life. The following examples for ‘Hate My Life (HML)’ will give you a better insight on how you can use it when talking to someone, or, how you can interpret it when someone writes ‘HML’.

Examples for Hate My Life, HML

Example 1

Ryan: Want to grab lunch together?
Tyler: You ask like that is an option for me. I have 5 assignments in line that I need to submit at 12 sharp tonight. I have to do the laundry piled up in my room before my roommate kicks me out of the dorm. And, I have to prepare for a test before I sleep, which just for your information, I am not sure I will. HML right now.
Ryan: Sorry I asked.

You only hate your life when you are under a lot of pressure. The pressure could be studies, work or even relationship stress. You can even use ‘HML’ when you are upset about something.

Example 2

Friend 1: Guess what just happened?
Friend 2: What?
Friend 1: I baked the most perfect cake ever. I took two days to make this 2 tier cake. Bought the best ingredients from Target. Missed my family hangouts so that I could surprise my family with this beauty. Last night, I kept it in the fridge, perfectly positioned in the centre so that it could fall or flip or get imbalanced. And I woke up today, ran happily to my fridge and…
Friend 2: That doesn’t sound good.
Friend 1: Doesn’t look good either. HML! HML! HML!

Example 3

Wes: HML!
Chase: What happened?
Wes: I didn’t clear my entry test to Yale.
Chase: Woah, that sucks! But don’t worry, you can still apply in NYC.
Wes: Yeah.Still HML.


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