What is G2A and How Does It Work?

G2A is an online marketplace which allows buyers to sell their video game related codes and keys to sellers. The website merely acts as a ‘middle-man’ and does not sell any products itself to the customers. Interested sellers can sell a variety of products including Xbox Live and PSN Membership and credits.

While browsing, “G2A Selected offer” will automatically select the highest rated seller for the product but the customer can choose to buy from any seller.


Customer will receive the key after the payment is confirmed. It can then be redeemed on the corresponding platform e.g. Steam, Uplay, Origin etc.

G2A Shield

Every transaction takes place between the buyer and the seller. G2A cannot be held reliable if their are any issues during the transaction. However, if the buyer has a subscription to G2A Shield (€1 per month), or activated it for that transaction (€3), G2A will make sure that any problems, if any, during or after the transaction be resolved.

Why are games relatively cheap?

Compared to official platforms, the game codes on G2A are cheaper. This is because prices of games vary in different countries because of a multitude of factors e.g. salary. First, sellers who live in regions where games are cheap purchase the game codes and list them on G2A. After that, customers from a different region can purchase the keys from the seller at a reduced price. In this way, the sellers make a profit and the buyers save money by buying the game at a lower price.


Seller Profile

As sellers continue to sell products successfully, their credibility increases which, in turn, will increase their overall sales. After every purchase, the customer can rate their experience with the seller. Therefore, sellers who attempt to scam buyers will lose credibility and in turn, their sales will suffer.

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What is G2A and How Does It Work?

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