What is ASMedia USB Root Hub?

There have been many inquiries by users who have observed the “ASMedia USB Root Hub” drivers in the device manager and others who have seen the name pop up whenever a USB device is plugged into the computer. In this article, we will discuss the background and the function of these drivers.

ASMedia USB Root Hub Drivers

What is ASMedia USB Root HUB?

The word “ASMedia USB Root HUB” is associated generally with the “Root Hub” drivers published by ASMedia for their USB Root HUB. This HUB is generally seen in ASUS boards and its drivers are installed along with the Motherboard drivers automatically. ASMedia is a Taiwanese integrated circuit design company that is owned by ASUS. It is known for forming design schemes for USB, PCI Express and SATA controllers.

ASUS boards mostly have these drivers

What is the Function of ASMedia USB Root HUB Drivers?

A USB Root HUB is generally used to connect multiple USB peripherals on the computer. Over the years, there have been many advancements in the world of computers. The USB Ports have also seen these advancements regarding the speeds at which the USB bus transfers data. With each advancement there comes a great deal of new hardware that is integrated into the motherboard to make it possible but the increased bus speed is not always supported by all devices.

There are still a lot of devices in the market that operate only on the older USB 1.1 bus speeds, therefore, backward compatibility has to be integrated into the USB Ports in order to make all the devices work on a single Port. This is where the Root Hub comes in, it allows the USB ports to simultaneously work on different bus speeds. The ports achieve this by integrating multiple controllers on the same USB Port and the decision to use a particular controller is made depending on the connected device and its requirements.

Difference between bus speeds

Later on, the drivers are installed on Windows either automatically or manually by the user and it allows the motherboard to provide complete functionality to the USB Ports. These drivers are necessary for the proper operation of the USB ports and therefore, shouldn’t be uninstalled or disabled.

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What is ASMedia USB Root Hub?

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