What IDGI Stands For?

‘IDGI’ stands for ‘I Don’t Get It’. It is used by many people over the internet, on all social networking websites and even when text messaging. People use it to express that they don’t understand this, or that what someone said is not clear to them.

How Should You Use IDGI in a Conversation?

In speech, people verbally say this phrase a lot, i.e. ‘I don’t get it’. And they usually use it when they are in confusion about something or someone. When they are not able to interpret what someone said or someone did with clarity.  Just how we say it out loud, we can write it down in a short form, like IDGI. So whenever you feel like what someone is saying is not clear, does not make much sense to you, or you simply don’t understand their purpose of saying what they said, you can reply to them with a simple message saying ‘IDGI’.

Examples of using ‘IDGI’ in Conversation

Example 1

You are doing you math homework. And knowing that you suck at solving mathematical problems, you message your friend asking for some guidance. And here is how the conversation goes.

Friend : Take the square root of the second one and then divide it by the number of people present in the room.
Friend: Wait, let me do it again for you. Focus on the video now.

After all, math is not an easy subject. ‘IDGI’ too, but homework is homework, which must be done.

Example 2

T: First he told me that let’s go for a movie on the weekend. And now, he has not even messaged to confirm if the plan is on or not. IDGI, does he want to be friends or not because I am very confused.
G: That is very confusing.

‘IDGI’ is not only used for things related to studies. Sometimes, we don’t understand the actions others portray. It makes us doubt them or keeps us in a confusion for a very  long time.

Example 3

Rosie: You said you didn’t want to come for shopping.
Fiz: but I didn’t know you were going today.
Rosie: Fiz I told you on Monday that we will be going for shopping this weekend and you said you didn’t feel like it. IDGI. First you refuse to come with us for shopping, and then you get upset that we went without you. Can you please decide already whether you want to come with us or you don’t want to come at all.
Fiz: Forget it.
Rosie: See!

Example 4

You put up a status regarding a certain economic situation in your country.

‘IDGI ,if the government wants the people to spend more, they need to reduce the prices of local products. They are doing the opposite here. They are increasing the taxes on local products, making the imports more expensive in every way. How do they expect us to spend more on our country when they themselves are making this difficult for us.’

Example 5

Wife: when will you come home honey?
Husband: IDK at all. My boss just gave me a whole load of presentations to remake, and Idk if I’d be home before 10.
Wife: IDGI, why is your boss after your life.
Husband: IDGI either. I am thinking of switching my job. What do you think?
Wife: But don’t leave this one until you get another one. We can’t risk that.
Husband: Yes, of course.

Example 6

Husband: I think I am going to quit my job.
Wife: What? Why?
Husband: There is no growth in this company. They don’t allow new ideas on the desk. They just want the old ones revamped.
Wife: Some people are scared to bring a change, because they don’t know if it will work for them.
Husband: Exactly! I want to bring that change. But IDGI how will I do that.
Wife: Don’t worry, I’m with you. We will figure a way out. If you think you can’t handle the stress of this job, then it is better to quit rather than ruining your mental health.

Acronyms Like IDGI

Other acronyms, which can be used as an alternative to IDGI include IDK in it. Idk stands for ‘I don’t know’. And when someone has to use this acronym instead of IDGI, they can simply write the following phrase or something like it. For example:

Friend: Do you really want to drop out? You just have another year to go. And you have already been through the worst. You’re this far from graduating Jill.
Jill: IDK. I am confused. I don’t see another option. It is either this or this. There is no other option AT ALL.

Here in this example, Jill could have used IDTS, which stands for ‘I Don’t Think So’. Or, if you want to use IDG, which stands for I Don’t Get, you can edit the dialogue this way:

Jill: IDG how I will manage the fee. I don’t think I earn enough. And my grades are not so good that the college would offer me a scholarship. I am confused.

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.
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