What FWIW Stands For?

FWIW, is a short abbreviation for ‘For What It’s Worth’. Used by most of the internet users who are part of the pop culture and understand the meaning of acronyms. It is used when you have to add a piece of information which you think might be relevant to what is being discussed, or might be important for the person you are talking to.

Just how when we say the phrase ‘For what it’s worth’ out loud and then add another phrase to complete what we want to say, FWIW is also used in the same situations, but when text messaging or interacting on social media forums.

How Should you use FFIW in Conversation?

Internet users, get confused when they have to use an internet jargon in a sentence that they just composed. But if we actually focus on the words, it is just another way of saying its full form. If you feel like you are not using it appropriately, speak out the sentence orally once, and instead of using the short hand of the phrase, use its full form when checking how accurately it fits in this specific sentence.

For example, if you have to check the accuracy of using the acronym FWIW in a sentence when text messaging, you can say the following out loud:

‘ I feel, for what it’s worth, you should definitely go to NYC and complete your education. Your children are big enough to manage on their own. Don’t worry about them.’

And when writing the same dialogue over a text message, you can write it like this:

‘ I feel, FWIW, you should definitely go to NYC and complete your education. Your children are big enough to manage on their own. DW about them.’

You can use FWIW in the middle of a sentence, at the beginning, or even when concluding a sentence. The main objective of using any acronym is to make sense out of it. Placement of the acronym should be such, that the sentence that you are typing, is understood by the person who is at the receiving end.

Why Use FWIW?

Adding FWIW to what you are about to say adds a little hope or a bit of a motivation to the sentence. You are giving the person that one push that they need to do something that they are afraid to try. It is like an encouraging acronym, to tell the other person to give it a try FWIW.

Examples of FWIW

Example 1

Sara: I have been planning this trip since a year now. But I am so confused. I have never travelled alone. Not even with in the country. This trip means going out of the country for a month, living amongst strangers. And I don’t even know if I will be safe there.
Aimen: And that is what you’re scared about? About being on your own?
Sara: yes.
Aimen: You have planned it. You have to money, you have your holidays from work, and everything is sorted. FWIW, I think you should go for it. I am sure you will figure out how to survive on your own. There is always a first time.

The use of FWIW in this example shows that the friend is making Sara realize the worth of taking this decision of going on the trip. This might even encourage Sara to take the decision.

Example 2

Y: There was this time when we even planned the college we would go to. She was my best friend, I didn’t see my future without her. And now, we are strangers.
G: But FWIW, you did become a better person because of her didn’t you? Remember the good times, forget the bad ones.

Example 3

There are many bloggers, who use acronyms in their writing. If you are a blogger, you too, can use FWIW in your blog to spread positivity and to motivate your readers. For instance, ‘For all my readers out there, don’t be scared to risk it. Don’t be afraid of  “what will happen if it doesn’t work out”, instead, and FWIW, focus on “what if it really does work”.

Example 4

Friends and family can use FWIW in their messages, or can put up a status using the acronym FWIW to help encourage a friend or family member for something that they have been wanting to do since forever or something they were not able to achieve because of a mishap.

Situation: Your brother/sister, or a friend, is a sports fan, but because they had a small accident, couldn’t watch the match in the stadium this weekend, and are pretty upset about what happened. To lift their mood up, or to make them feel better, you can tell them this:

“FWIW, you get to spend the weekend at home with me.” Or,

“Good that you didn’t go to the stadium. FWIW, you get to spend some quality with us while I make  dinner for everyone.”


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