What Does WYM Stand For?

‘WYM’ stands for ‘What You Mean?’. It is an abbreviation used popularly on the internet by many teenagers as well as young adults. You will see the use of this acronym on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and people also write WYM in texting.

What does the acronym really mean?

It is basically a question that many ask others, when they don’t exactly understand what someone just said.  For instance, if someone messages you to look up, you ask them, WYM? .

Isn’t it ‘What Do You Mean’?

You can write WYM in upper case and lower case, it will not alter its meaning. This acronym is a bit different from the actual acronym. While the acronym WYM stands for What You Mean, the actual question with the right and appropriate grammar would be ‘What DO you mean’. But since internet slangs have nothing to do with proper grammar, people write such slang however they want and like. Without worrying about grammar or punctuation.

How to Use WYM

The acronym WYM is pretty easy to use once you have understood the meaning. When people talk to one another verbally, they use the sentence ‘What Do You Mean?’ a lot in their speech. Similarly, you can use WYM, when texting or are part of a discussion on one of the social networking forums.

Because there is a huge audience on the internet which uses acronyms like WYM, they would understand what you have asked. And as we all know, the conversations that take place through texting and on social networks, misunderstandings are inevitable. Therefore, the use of WYM here fits perfectly.

Texting has already made our lives easier. And with the introduction of acronyms like WYM, we save so much of our time texting. We can simply write a three letter message and the other person would understand what we just said. For example:

Hailey: Do you think I should quit?
James: WYM? Quit what?
Hailey: My job. I want to quit my job.
James: why?
Hailey: The stress, it is too much to handle.
James: WYM? What kind of stress?
Hailey: Of not being able to give enough time to my social and personal life because my professional life wouldn’t leave me alone.
James: You know what? You just need some time off. You don’t need to quit.
Hailey: WYM?
James: Take a leave for two weeks, let’s go to Hawai for a short trip. It will help you have a better insight.
Hailey: I can’t.
James: why?
Hailey: Idk.

Examples of WYM

Example 1

Situation: You and your friend had planned a lunch date on Saturday but your friend forgot about it. Here is how the conversation would go.

Gus: I am reaching in twenty minutes.Sorry I am late.
Tye: WYM?
Gus: umm, were we not meeting for lunch today?
Tye: umm, crap, I forgot!
Gus: Great!

Example 2

Rina: I have a plan.
Ian: Spill
Rina: Let’s go for the trip.
Ian: Wym?
Rina: This will help us take a break from this stress. It is a good way of releasing the stress.
Ian: Sounds great.

Example 3

Jay: Do you think this is a good idea? I don’t feel so good about it.
Waz: WYM? There is no other idea to get rid of this problem. It is either we keep it all piled up in our heart, or, just talk it out, face to face.

Example 4

Y: I thought we were going to go to the resort this weekend?
X: We can’t make it this weekend honey.
X: I have a very important deal to crack and for that, I might have to go to the U.S.
Y: When will you be back?
X: idk…
Y: WYM? Idk? You don’t know when you’ll be back.
X: The work is pretty extensive. I might have to stay for a couple of months
Y: …

Example 5

Jen: I need to sleep.
Dora: WYM?
Jen: I need a break is what I mean.
Dora: You can’t get one because you’re studying medical.
Jen:  Thank You for the reality check.

Still Confused As To How To Use It In Texting?

There are many internet slangs, that sometime are not easy to be placed in a sentence. And to make accurate sense out of what you are typing can be tricky at times for such phrases. If you don’t understand how to use WYM even after reading the examples above, here is what you need to do.

Say the sentence out loud. Whatever you are about to write, or what your fried just wrote, say it out loud. This will help you use WYM more appropriately.

For instance, if your friend just messaged you ‘I’m here’, and if you have to reply to this asking him ‘What do you mean’, so instead of writing what do you mean, you would type WYM.

If it’s easier this way for you to understand, WYM and What Do You Mean are perfect alternates for each other in internet slang.


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