What Does the Acronym ‘Bae’ Stand For

‘Bae’ stands for ‘before anyone else’ or ‘before anything else’. It is an internet jargon used by teenagers and young adults who call people close to them with the word ‘bae’ instead of using their name or their nickname.

Bae, is used most commonly for this specific meaning, that is ‘before anyone else’ and people refer to their friends, family or partners that they love beyond anything else with a cute new name, that is, bae. It sounds something more like the word ‘baby’, but is not just an alternate for this. In addition to that, this is not the only meaning for the acronym.

This might come as a complete shocker for people who have never come across the Danish meaning of the word ‘bae’ which stands for ‘poop’ and to be honest nobody really uses the acronym in that sense so let’s focus on how we can use the acronym bae, the way it is seen being used on the internet.

How to Use the Acronym ‘Bae’

You can say that the acronym Bae is a perfect alternative for the name of a person you love, a thing that you love or even a pet that you love. This means, that instead of using their original name, or even their nickname for that matter, you use the acronym ‘BAE’ instead.

With an increase in the usage of internet jargon online, people have also started using these words in their speech. For instance, if you have to tell somebody ‘I Don’t Care’, you would probably prefer saying ‘IDC’ i.e. ‘I dee see’ instead of saying the complete form. Similarly, people have started using the acronym bae in speech as well, which sounds something more like ‘bay’ when saying ‘baby’ minus the second ‘b’.

Examples for BAE

Example 1

You are hanging out with your best friend after ages and since you both love posting pictures on all social networking forums, this is what you put up as a caption under your picture.

‘Hanging out with the best bae after ages! #baeforlife’

Example 2

While there are many people who use this acronym specifically for a human partner or a friend, however, there are people who use this acronym for their pet that they love as much as a person could love a human. For instance, you had been out on a holiday and had to leave your cat with the neighbors. You come back home after a week and meet your ‘bae’ and upload a picture on Instagram with a hashtag ‘bae’, or a caption saying ‘when bae missed you’.

Example 3

Other than hashtags and captions, you can also use the word bae when text messaging. For example:

H: I haven’t done my homework for tomorrow.
Best friend: Don’t worry, I have an extra copy.
H: auw! Best bae ever!
Best friend: <3w

While there are people who feel like bae should only be used when talking to or about a special someone. But trends have shown ‘best friends’ as being the most common users of the acronym bae, where they refer to each other with this internet jargon. And as it has been mentioned a lot of times, there are no ‘rules’ for the way internet slang is used. The user is free to change the way they write the word and can use the word for anyone and anything. They are not restricted in any way.

Using Bae in Upper Case or Lower Case

Internet Jargons are meant to be informal, so it does not really matter if you write it in upper case, like BAE, or in lower case, for instance, bae. Either way, the meaning for the word, and the context to which it is being used will be understood by the receiving end no matter how you write it down. The only ‘don’t’ that you need to be sure of is, to not use the word bae when in a formal setting like that of an office. It would give a very unprofessional impression on the employers. Bae is more appropriate for a casual setting, like that of friends and family. You can also use it with your colleagues, but be sure of your surrounding first. Same goes for a university or an education setting like that of a school or a college.

Bae Was Never This Popular Before

Every internet jargon ever created was never popular just from the beginning. It took time for bae as well, like other popular acronyms, for instance, LOL, LMAO, BRB and many more to become popular. The acronym bae, too, took its time to get recognized by the people who eventually started using this in major memes. Major industries, like the music industry, have used acronyms like YOLO and bae in songs to give it even more hype, increasing the usage even more.


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