What Does TFTI Stands For?

TFTI stands for ‘thanks for the information’.People use it on the internet all the time when someone gives you a piece of information that you had asked them for. TFTI is like a way of appreciating their effort of helping you. Used on all social networks. People also use it when texting someone.

TFTI is another way of saying thank you. So the next time you have to thank someone for the information they provided, you can say TFTI. However, the meaning of TFTI is not limited to ‘thanks for the information’. According to the other trends, and meaning in which this acronym. TFTI is used is, ‘thanks for the invite’. Where people use TFTI to thank someone for an invitation that they just sent.

Write In Upper Case or Lower Case?

Write the acronym the way you like it. All in the upper case or all in the lower case does not change the meaning of the acronym. This rule can be implemented on all the internet slang words. The rule is, that there is no rule for internet jargon.

How To Use TFTI In A Conversation?

If you are in a situation where you should be courteous and say thank you to someone who well deserved it, and helped you with something which you couldn’t have done on your own. So why not send them a small text message saying ‘TFTI’.

The same courteousness can be applied in a situation where someone has sent you an invite to their wedding, their birthday or any other event that they are hosting or are going to. Sending them a message TFTI, where the I for information, is replaced by I for Invite.

Examples of TFTI, I for Information

Example 1

Group Chat

H: Did you guys know that the school is going to host a party for all the high achievers.
G: TFTI, but this party is definitely not for this group.
I: Talk for yourself girl, I am an A grade student.
G: For what? Fashion?
I: Shush! -_-

Example 2

Email from your teacher:‘All the students are requested to meet me today at 1 p.m.’
Your reply to the teacher:’Sir there are a few students who are not a part of this thread’
Teacher: ‘TFTI Rachel, please forward my message to all your classmates who are not a part of this thread.’

Example 3

T: I think the hotel we just went to was serving something that looked very pleasing to the Chinese eye.
G: Wdym?
T: I think I saw them serving a lizard salad to the Chinese couple sitting next to our table.
G: TFTI but that is too much information. I am feeling sick now.
T: yeah I think I am going to throw up too.

Example 4

Your class chat group on WhatsApp was loaded with messages this morning and you weren’t able to read all of it because there were so many messages. So you message your friend asking what the fuss was about. To which she told you that the Professor who was supposed to teach the course canceled the class and has announced a test for tomorrow. To which your reply could be ‘TTFI but how can he do that?’

Examples for TFTI, I for Invite

Example 1

Your ex-best friend is getting married in a month. And you received an invitation card from her which was totally unexpected. As a gesture of appreciation for sending the invite, you send her a text messaging saying ‘TFTI’.

Example 2

Fani: All of you are invited to my place for dinner on Saturday.
Hillary: TFTI but what’s the occasion?
Fani: I am getting engaged. So it’s a small party for all the friends before the major event.
Hillary: Wow Congrats! I will be there.
Fani: Thanks

Example 3

You can even use the acronym TFTI when you want to say thank you to someone in a sarcastic way. Read the example to know what I mean.

Ian: So how was the weekend?
Jane: It was great.
Ian: What did you do?
Jane: Went trekking with my college friends.
Ian: TFTI! You know how much I love trekking.
Jane: Hey, sorry, I didn’t realize until after we reached home. You know I always include you in all my adventure plans.
Ian: Right.

Example 4

Jas: Guess what I just received!
Helen: An invitation to the royal wedding.
Helen: WHAT? I was joking.
Jas: It is an invite to the royal wedding.
Helen: you are lying.
Jas: No I am Not!
Helen: You’re getting back at me right? For the prank?
Jas: Helen! It is an invite! Here see the picture.
(Sends the picture)
Helen: wow! That is so cool. You are so lucky.
Jas: There someone who is as lucky as me.
Helen: Who?
Jas: My best friend! YOU! Of course!
Helen: Auw!!! Tfti Jas! This is going to be so cool.
Jas: I know right!


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